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Saturday, November 4, 2017, 7:30a-9:30a
RowanSOM, Rowan Medicine Building,
Room 3000, Stratford, NJ

Opioid Prescribing: Safe Practice, Changing Lives

This is an AOA sponsored lecture
given by Jennifer Caudle, DO

By attending this REMS course, you will:

  • Accurately assess patients with pain for consideration of an opioid trial
  • Establish realistic goals for pain management and restoration of function, know how to manage ongoing therapy with ER/LA opioids
  • Initiate opioid treatment (IR and ER/LA) safely and judiciously, maximizing efficacy while minimizing risks
  • Monitor and re-evaluate treatment continuously; discontinue safely when appropriate
  • Counsel patients and caregivers about use, misuse, abuse, diversion and overdose
  • Educate patients about safe storage and disposal of opioids
  • Demonstrate working knowledge and ability to access general and specific information about opioids, especially those used in your practice

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Stratford, New Jersey 08084-1501
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