OPTI- Osteopathic Internship Match Timeline

Preparation for the osteopathic internship match should begin during the third year of medical school and continue throughout the fourth year.

Once the majority of your third year rotations have been completed, you should have determined the field of medicine in which you would like to train and practice in the future and the training programs to which you will apply.

Use the following timeline as a guide while planning the internship application and match process. Note this timeline is based on the RowanSOM OPTI of NJ application process, and may differ for other programs.

Year III

  • March/April/May

    • Set up Elective rotations. It is recommended that whenever possible you obtain Electives at the training programs to which you want to apply and in the specialties you wish to train.
    • Determine where you will apply for internship.
    • Find out the deadlines and requirements for application to each specific program.

Year IV

  • June/July

    • Students will receive MyERAS tokens from Academic Affairs in mid-April. These tokens will allow applicants access to the applicant manual on the ERAS website (https://www.aamc.org/students/medstudents/eras/). Register and create your profile and MyERAS application.
    • Applicants can begin working on their applications on ERAS as soon as they register on the system They can begin selecting and applying to Osteopathic Internship programs starting on July 15, 2016.
    • Select the preceptors whom you want to write your recommendation letters (preferably from the same specialty area in which you are applying).
    • Start revising your curriculum vitae (CV).
    • Agreement forms are distributed by National Matching Services, Inc. (NMS) to students who are eligible for participation in the Match.
  • August/September

    • Coordinate with the Offices of the Registrar and Academic Affairs for copies of your transcript, MSPE (Dean’s Letter), and board scores to be uploaded into ERAS by Academic Affairs.
    • Coordinate with your preceptors to have your recommendation letters uploaded into ERAS.
    • Finalize your CV. Complete and send applications.
    • RowanSOM OPTI of NJ deadline for internship applications is September 15, 2017.
  • September/October

    • RowanSOM OPTI of NJ will send out letters to students with completed application files to schedule their interviews.
  • October

    • Students must return their agreements and registration fees to National Matching Service (NMS).
  • Sept/Oct/November

    • Interviews for RowanSOM OPTI of NJ internship positions
  • November

    • Instructions for submitting Rank Order Lists and obtaining Match results will be provided by NMS to registered students.
  • Late December

    • Letters sent out by RowanSOM OPTI of NJ to all students that will be ranked for internship programs.
  • Early January

    • Deadline for submission of student and program Rank Order Lists to NMS.
  • February

    • Results of the Match are released to all participants (students and institutions). Contracts for each matched student are sent within 10 working days after receipt of the Match results to the student for signature. Each matched student must sign and return the contract to the institution within 30 days after receiving the contract.
  • March or April

    • Preliminary intern orientation for RowanSOM OPTI of NJ entering class.
  • May

    • Medical School Graduation RowanSOM

After Year IV

  • June

    • Current RowanSOM OPTI of NJ Intern Class Graduation
    • (New intern class for RowanSOM OPTI of NJ will provide house coverage this night)
  • Mid-June

    • Comprehensive intern orientation for RowanSOM OPTI of NJ entering class (mandatory).
  • June

    • Begin of RowanSOM OPTI of NJ internship (week after mandatory orientation).

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