Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) (formerly Dean's Letters)

The MSPE is a letter prepared after completion of the third year of medical school that provides an evaluation and summary of the student doctor's achievements across all aspects of their medical education. At RowanSOM, the MSPE includes specific information from the student's academic record including both didactic and clinical courses. Clinical faculty's comments on evaluations, scholarships, awards and community service, and information about COMLEX are also specified. Providing fine points of your education, employment, leadership and service on your curriculum vitae will aid in creating a detailed MSPE.

Regardless of specialty, a MSPE is generally required as part of the application process for postgraduate training (internship and/or residency). The MSPE may also be requested later in your medical career, as part of the application process for a medical license, hospital privileges or insurance participation.

Academic Affairs at RowanSOM will prepare and process the MSPE, which will be sent to the programs you designate via the ERAS Post Office from our office. (See the ERAS section for more information.

MSPE Instructions

Please note that only one MSPE is prepared for each student, and once it is signed, it will not be edited to add or delete information.  After graduation, a cover letter is attached to a copy of the MSPE when it is sent to programs.  The cover letter includes the name of the graduate/year of graduation and the date the original MSPE was signed.   No additional information or comments regarding the student is included in the original MSPE or cover letter.

  1. The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for preparing MSPEs.
  2. MSPEs are written after completion of the third year.
  3. Plan ahead! A minimum of six weeks from submission of all required materials to issuance of completed letters is standard procedure. MSPEs will be written in order of receipt of materials. Requests for additional letters are processed in chronological order.
  4. Before your MSPE is written, the following information MUST BE PROVIDED to Academic Affairs.
    1. signed and dated MSPE Authorization and Release form
    2. Your curriculum vitae, electronically submitted to Upon submission, your CV wll be reviewed the Center for Teaching & Learning staff. This review must be completed before your MSPE can be prepared.
    3. a draft of your 'Noteworthy Characteristics", which are three bullet points that provide you an opportunity to highlight your most unique and important characteristics. For more information about drafting your bullets points, click on the link above.
    4. The faculty or professional staff member who is writing your MSPE letter will be in touch with you to schedule your individual appointment in early Spring of your third year
  5. Current RowanSOM students:  All requests for a MSPE must be made in writing, and include the program contact name and title, phone number, e-mail address, and the complete name of the program and address.  There is no charge for requests for currently enrolled students.
  6. RowanSOM graduates: All requests for MSPEs sent to residency or fellowship programs must be made in writing by completing the SOM Graduates MSPE/Dean's Letter Request form, which is available on the website and in the Academic Affairs department. Please include the program contact name and title, program name and complete mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address. There is a $5.00 processing fee for each letter sent to each program, made payable by check.
  7. Forwarding Your Dean's Letter or MSPE to EFDO and MIDUS - The ERAS Fellowship Document Office (EFDO) is now offering the Medical Institution Document Upload Service (MIDUS) to upload your MSPE (or Dean’s Letter) and medical school transcripts into the ERAS system. 

    Effective July 1, 2013, the start date of the ERAS 2014 fellowship application season, the ERAS Fellowship Document Office (EFDO) will no longer accept paper documents in support of fellowship applications. All supporting documents must be submitted electronically through MIDUS. (

    Please Note: Paper documents submitted via mail or courier service to the EFDO for ERAS Fellowships 2014 will NOT be scanned/uploaded or attached to applicants’ MyERAS application.

    For questions, please contact the EFDO directly at (215) 966-3940 or

    If you will be using MIDUS to apply for Fellowship programs:

    • Contact the programs where you will be applying to confirm the school is participating in EFDO.
    • Please contact Kirsten Dillman in Academic Affairs (856-566-6749 or regarding your request to forward your MSPE / Dean's Letter, or Regina Wilmes in the Registrar's Office (856-566-7055 or regarding your request to forward your transcript before you complete your request through MIDUS.
    • You will need to complete and sign the SOM Graduates MSPE/Dean's Letter Request form for all these requests are sent by regular mail or uploaded electronically through MIDUS. You will also need to complete and sign a Transcript Request form for all transcript requests.
    • For MSPE / Dean's Letters, it is $5.00 per request for each program you apply to if the Letter is sent by regular mail.  If it is scanned through EFDO MIDUS, there is a $5.00 flat fee.  Please contact the Registrar's Office regarding fees for transcript requests.
    • For more information about MIDUS please review the description of MIDUS on their Web site. If you have questions about the tool, please contact the EFDO directly at or call 215-966-3940.


For help in preparing A curriculum vitae:

Your curriculum vitae (also called a vita or CV) will summarize your academic, employment, and professional experience. You will be adding to your CV throughout your professional career so now is a good time to write one if you have not already done so.

Among the resources available to assist you in preparing your CV are:

  • Sample CVs are included in the packet of information about applying for internship/residency that will be provided to your class.
  • Information distributed at the CV preparation workshop (available in AC Suite 210).
  • You should make an appointment to review your CV with Center for Teaching and Learning by sending an email to Or you can contact Jacqueline Giacobbe in Academic Affairs, prior to submitting it for your MSPE.

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