Rowan Family Medicine Residency Program - Research Projects

All residents in the Family Medicine Residency Program are required to complete an original research project, including a poster presentation, before graduation. Residents may choose a faculty member as their research mentor and a topic of their own choosing, which can cover the domains of clinical or academic medicine. The project is to be completed over the course of their three year training, beginning in 1st year to think about their topic, working through 2nd and 3rd year to submit and collect data, culminating with the abstract submitted mid 3rd year and poster presentation in the spring of 3rd year.

Below are the posters the Class of 2017 presented at ACOFP this year:

How Thorough are Family Medicine Physicians in Assessing Geriatric Patients?Jesse Abesh, DO

Evaluating the Most Common Dermatological Diagnoses in Patients with Diabetes LeMarra Brown, DPM, DO

Start Talkin' - Stimulating Tobacco Cessation Counseling at Point of Care Amanda Cardella, DO - First Place for Resident Original Research at ACOFP Conference 2017

Comparison of the Average Dose of Thyroid Replacement Among Genders & Across Different Age Groups Tina Kochupurackal, DO

Analysis of Patient Preference for Location of Care Alexander Kowalski, DO

Parental Decision Making Regarding Vaccination of Their Children Against Human Papilloma Virus Jennifer Sepede, DO Honorable Mention for Resident Original Research at ACOFP Conference 2017

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