Our Graduates


Resident Practice/Training
Anna Goldenberg-Sandau, DO Trauma/Surgical Critical Care Fellowship at Cooper University Hospital
Nicole Harris, DO Minimally Invasive Fellowship at St. Luke’s Health System in Kansas City, MO)
Zachary Ichter, DO Minimally Invasive/Bariatric Fellowship at Stanford University
Matias Nauts, DO Attending in General and Minimally Invasive Surgery in at Christus St. Patrick Hospital in Louisiana
Jonathan Nguyen, DO Surgical Critical Care Fellowship at Cooper University Hospital
Eric Rideman, DO Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Fellowship at Northwest Hospital in Maryland


Resident Practice/Training
Matthew Benenati, DO Minimally Invasive Fellowship at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Maryland
James Buwen, DO Minimally Invasive/Bariatric Fellowship at Jefferson University in Philadelphia
Devin Flaherty, DO Surgery Oncology Fellowship at John Wayne Cancer Institute in California
Katherine Hansen, DO Breast Fellowship at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia
Margaret Merriam, DO Private Practice at Lourdes
Rosemarie Robledo, DO Trauma/critical care Fellowship at LSU


Resident Practice/Training
Gretchen Aquilina, DO Academic bariatric/MIS practice at VCOM, VA
Catherine Campo, DO Private breast practice in NJ
Thomas Cartolano, DO Trauma/critical care practice in Chicago, IL
Brandt Jones, DO Vascular practice in FL
Aaron Roberts, DO Academic trauma/critical care practice at Univ of Alabama
Christina Sanders, DO Private bariatric/MIS practice in MA


Resident Practice/Training
Alia Abdulla, DO Private surgical oncology practice in Fl
Yury Bak, DO Virtua Vascular group
Christopher Falcon, DO Private plastics practice in Pittsburgh
Wanda Good, DO Private practice


Resident Practice/Training
Christopher Bariana, DO Virtua Surgical Group for CT surgery
Lisa Derr, DO Private Practice at Lourdes
Tara Martinez, DO Private colorectal practice in long island, NY


Resident Practice/Training
Hang Dang, DO Breast Fellowship at the University Of Pittsburgh
Carlos Molina, DO Private Practice
Mark Salcone, DO Private bariatric practice at Lourdes
Linda Szczurek, DO private practice – Advocare Assoc. in General Surgery


Resident Practice/Training
Antonino Cammarata, DO Private Practice, PA
Seema Dhorajia, DO Laparoscopic Fellowship, Hackensack, NJ
Toni Green, DO Breast Fellowship, Mayo Clinic
Gustavo Lopes, DO Active Military, Florida
Roy Sandau, DO joined UMDNJ-SOM Department of Surgery Faculty


Resident Practice/Training
Adair deBerry-Carlisle, DO Trauma/Critical Care Fellowship, Houston, Texas
Nathaniel Hill, DO Private Practice, Clarion, PA


Resident Practice/Training
Alissa Brotman, DO Vascular Fellowship, North Jersey
Roger Ernest, DO Private Practice, North Carolina
Timothy Leone, DO Private Practice Group, Harrisburg, PA
Anuj Prashar, DO Vascular Fellowship, Harrisburg, PA


Resident Practice/Training
James Flaig, DO Private Practice,
Charles Heller, DO NIH Critical Care Fellowship, Bethesda, MD
Peter Marta, DO Private Practice, North Jersey
Hugar McNamee, DO Private Practice, Tampa, Florida
Alex Morales, DO Private Practice, Scottsdale, Arizona
David Reel, DO U.S. Air Force Active Duty/General Surgery
George Tsiotsias, DO Trauma Fellowship/Cooper University Medical Center, Camden, NJ


Resident Practice/Training
John Cooper, DO UMDNJ-SOM/Vascular Fellowship
Lilibeth Sanchez, DO Las Vegas, New Mexico/General Surgery


Resident Practice/Training
John Osborne, DO Portsmouth/General Surgery Practice
Donald Robinson, DO U.S. Army, General Surgery
Stephen Small, DO Cleveland Clinic/Burns Fellowship
St. Barnabas/Plastics Fellowship
Dominic Storto, DO U.S. Army, General Surgery


Resident Practice/Training
David Kim, DO UMDNJ-SOM/Vascular Fellowship
James Scott, DO Omaha, NE/General Surgery Practice
Michael Mallis, DO Ft. Lauderdale, FL/General Surgery Practice


Resident Practice/Training
David Marotta, DO Univ of Alabama at Birmingham/Cardiothoracic Fellowship
Marc Rosen, DO UMDNJ-SOM Faculty, General Surgery Practice
Charles Stivala, DO Maimonides, NY/Cardiothoracic Fellowship

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