Educational Program

The educational program to be offered at the three divisions of Kennedy Memorial Hospitals-UMC and Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center has a wide range of academic subjects and a varied manner in presenting these subjects. The educational component includes the following major areas:

    • Resident Weekly Academic Program
    • Journal Club (Selected Readings)
    • Mortality/Morbidity Review Conferences
    • Resident Teaching Conference
    • Movies and Audiovisual Programs as the occasion permits
    • Student Programs
      • Technical skills
      • Problems conference
    • Research Club
    • Cadaveric Surgery/Animal Surgery (if available)
    • Hospital Committee Participation
      • Tissue/Transfusion Committee
      • Tumor Board Committee
      • Clinical Review Committee
    • Lourdes Case Conference
    • Chiefs’ Quarterly Conference
    • Library with large text and journal selections
    • Computer Access and Programs

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