Wednesday Morning Conference Schedule Example

Date Topic Attendings
July Pediatrics- Embryology
Ambiguous Genitalia
Dr. Packer
Chicago Review Series
Pediatric Urology - Hypospadius
Hypospadius, Epispadius/Extrophy
Dr. Zaontz
Chicago Review Series
Orientation Drs. Brown, Barone
Peds - Acute Scrotum, Cryptorchidism Chicago Review Series
August UTI Dr. Syed
Peds – Neurogenic Bladder Dr. Dean
Peds – Oncology Dr. Lembert
Overactive Bladder Dr. Nachmann
Neurogenic Bladder-Urodynamics Dr. Chow
September Urinary Incontinence/Female Urology
Female Urology
Dr. Gupta
Chicago Review Series
Female Urinary Incontinence Dr. Sussman
M & M – Mesh Complications Drs. Singh, McGinley, Krishnan, Tan and Syed
Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome
Proliferative Lesions of the Bladder
Dr. Lembert
Chicago Series Review
October AUA Ethics Module/AUA Imaging/Sepsis Review
GU Infectious
Dr. McGinley, Dermatology
Radiology Review Series
AUA Guidelines of Male Infertility
Male Infertility Dr. Fallick
Penile Anatomy, Peyronie’s, ED Chicago Review Series
November ED/ Priapism Drs. Tan, Syed, Douglas and Linden
Pathology Review/SESAP Dr. Lembert
Renovasalar HTN/Transplant Nephrology Dr. Varallo
December Urethral Stricture
M &: M
Resident Presentation (Ureteral Injuries)
Dr. Lembert

Dr. Syed
UPJ Obstruction/Retroperitoneal Fibrosis
Case Presentations
Chicago Review Series
Drs. McGinley, Singh
Case Presentation Dr. Gupta
January Prostate Cancer
Chicago Review Series
Drs. Gupta, Kirkpatrick
Fluid/Electrolytes/Nutrition Dr. Sandau
Prostate Cancer
Localized Disease
Dr. Lembert
Drs. Gupta, Krishnan, Tan
Prostate Cancer-Localized Disease Pt. 1 Drs. Butani/Lembert
Prostate Cancer-Localized Disease Pt. 2 Dr. DiBiase
Prostate Cancer – Advanced Disease Dr. Somer
February Evaluation of the Adrenal Incidentaloma Dr. Davidson
March M&M and Resident Lecture Dr. Krishnan
Resident Lecture Dr. McGinley
Penile Cancer Dr. Brown
Urethral Cancer Dr. McGinley
April Bladder Cancer Pathology
Superficial Bladder Cancer Dr. Brown
Chemotherapy in Bladder Cancer Pt. 1 Dr. Somer
Bladder Cancer – Muscle Invasive Pt. 2 Dr. McGinley
May Urinary Diversion
Case Presentation
Chicago Review Series
Dr. Singh
Upper Tract Urothelial Tumors Dr. Keeler
Renal Biopsies & Cryoablation of Renal Masses Dr. Principato
Mgmt. of Advanced & Metastatic RCC Dr. Somer
Neoplasms of the Kidney Pathology
June Benign Renal Masses Dr. Mueller
M&M and Resident Lecture Dr. Kirkpatrick
Resident Lecture Dr. Tan
Orientation Meeting for PGY2 Dr. Brown

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