“Save a Dollar – Save a Planet”

There are two costs associated with getting to and from work. One is immediate… the out-of-pocket expenses for fuel, vehicle maintenance and parking fees. The other is more long-term, but significant none-the-less… the energy use and pollution impact of driving round-trip every weekday.

We would like to help with both.

The RowanSOM Office of Facilities Management is offering two ways of lowering the immediate and long-term costs through a Car Pool Coordination Service and a Public Transportation Information resource.

We will try to match you up with someone who lives/works in your general vicinity. There may be an opportunity for you and a co-worker to share the ride, thereby reducing all those costs associated with the daily travel. Send your information to wagneram@rowan.edu.

Car Pool Coordination Service

We have prepared a data base of those persons willing to participate in a Car Pool program. If you send us your:

  • name
  • department
  • contact information
  • work start-end times
  • home and work locations

We will try to find a car-pool partner and give you their contact information.

Public Transportation Information

We have compiled a collection of links to bus/train routes. There is even a trip-planner that allows you to customize your commute. The cost for Public Transportation is wonderfully low as compared to driving, and it provides you something we can never get enough of… free time for laptops, cell phones, romance novels or just doing nothing but looking out the window.

The first link is to njtransit.org. The "Quick Links" section (left column) includes bus, train, light rail and a host of other services that will give you the information you need to take advantage of their services.

Two other links are drpa.org and septa.org which provide transit information from the Philadelphia & South Eastern Pennsylvania region.

If either of these options help you defray the cost of commuting to work, then it was well worth it. For you today, and for our planet in the future.

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