Financial Aid Information & Eligibility Criteria

FAFSA processing begins in January of each year for the upcoming academic year. Make sure your application is submitted for the intended enrollment period.

The Online Supplemental Financial Aid Application and supporting forms are available through the Financial Aid Homepage. Click on “APPLICATION PROCESS”, then “Apply for Financial Aid”. It is the applicant’s responsibility to complete his/her application. Additional information may be requested upon review of your file. Incoming students may be notified of missing information through the U.S. postal service until an email account is established. Continuing students are notified by email and advised to log into the Rowan Self Service.

University ID numbers should be used when submitting documents to the Financial Aid Office. Questions concerning ID numbers should be directed to your schools admissions office.

General Information

  1. Materials required for award packaging and disbursement of funds
    • Official Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Online Supplemental Financial Aid Application
    • Completion of the above and any other requested document(s) as viewed within your tracking messages/requirements.
  2. Verification Selection
    • Applicants may be randomly selected for a process called “Verification” upon FAFSA processing. If you have been selected you will need to complete the appropriate verification form (dependent or independent) along with the submission of requested information. Contact your Financial Aid Office should you need further assistance.
  3. Supplemental Forms
    • Additional information may be required upon file review. Forms have been created to assist in the collection of additional information. These are located within the “APPLICATION PROCESS”.
  4. Parental Information – is required ONLY in the following instances:
    • Any graduate/professional student who wishes to be considered for Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Title VII funds, which include Loans for Disadvantaged Students, Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students, and the Health Professions Student Loan. This is regardless of age or dependency status.
    • First time graduate/professional students who received NJ Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) grant support or whose sibling received EOF grant support at a New Jersey College or University.
    • Any student who wishes to be considered for NJ EOF grant support.
  5. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Information
    • In order to receive funds for the start of class and avoid possible late fees, the financial aid application process should be completed at least two months prior to the start of classes, unless otherwise instructed by your Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO).
    • Accessing the FAFSA – A direct link is provided through the “APPLICATION PROCESS” section located on the Student Financial Aid homepage.
    • Personal Identification Number (PIN) - A PIN is needed to complete a “pre populated” FAFSA, sign the FAFSA electronically and/or make corrections. Should you need to request a PIN or have forgotten your PIN, visit

Completing the FAFSA:

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine and/or Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

  1. Missing Information and Award Notification
    • Once the University receives your FAFSA and it is loaded into the University’s data base communication regarding your financial aid application will occur as follows.

      INCOMING Students – Letters are sent to the most current mailing address provided on file through the US postal service. Once a university email account has been provided, communication is updated to electronic notification through your university email account. Individuals are advised to log into Rowan Self Service and proceed to Financial Aid. The information posted is “live”. Please allow up to five (5) business days for documents sent to the SFAO to be updated to your account.

      CONTINUING Students – Communication that is pertinent to your financial aid application is sent to your university email address advising you to log into Rowan Self Service. Proceed to Financial Aid. The information posted is “live”. Please allow up to five (5) business days for documents sent to the SFAO to be updated to your account.

  2. Award Packaging
    • The primary responsibility for financing education rests with the student and his/her family. Financial assistance from the University and other sources, federal or private, is intended to supplement these efforts. Internal need-based aid programs are awarded based upon an institutional formula, which considers the degree of need, the funding allocations to the university and your request for financial aid. If additional monies are needed after the Federal Direct Loan has been awarded, other programs may be recommended.
    • Graduate Direct Plus, Alternative/Private Educational Loans are not automatically added to award packages. Individuals borrowing through programs other than the Graduate Direct Plus Loan must notify the FAO that an Alternative/Private Loan has been applied for and needs to be certified. Once a Grad Direct Plus or an Alternative/Private Loan has been certified, it will be added to the award package.
    • AWARD increase - financial aid can be awarded up to your Cost of Attendance (COA)
    • AWARD decrease - must be done in writing. Complete a “Request for Financial Aid Reduction Form” located within the supplemental forms section.

Additional Information of Importance

  1. Financial Aid Eligibility
    • An individual in default on any prior education loan will not receive financial aid until the default status is rectified. If you have defaulted loans, your FAO can assist in the resolution of this status.
    • Students receiving financial aid must be matriculated in a program of study at least half-time. Half-time status varies based upon program requirements for graduate/professional program students.
    • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or eligible noncitizens in in order to participate in federal student aid programs.
  2. Disbursement of Funds
    • All outstanding requirements must be satisfied.
    • Disbursement of financial aid typically occurs 10 days prior to the start of the academic year. Please allow up to 5 business days for processing refunds.
    • Financial aid disbursements are applied to outstanding tuition and fee balances. If a credit balance exists after financial obligations are satisfied, money will be refunded for living expenses. Contact your campus Cashier/Business Office for further information.
  3. Satisfactory Academic Progress
    • Students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress to be eligible for financial aid funding. Satisfactory Academic Progress is defined for each program by the school. Contact your Student Affairs Office or Registrar for more detailed information.
  4. Drug Free University
    • Federal law requires all institutions of higher education to adopt and implement a program to prevent the unlawful possession, use and distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees. UMDNJ complies with this regulation. If you have been convicted or a drug felony, you will not be eligible for Title IV or Title Vll funding support.
  5. Entrance Interview
    • All first time borrowers of the Federal Direct Loan must complete an Entrance Interview. The purpose of an Entrance Interview is to advise the borrower of their rights and responsibilities.
  6. Exit Interview
    • Before leaving the University an Exit Interview is required. The Financial Aid Office will contact you with instructions on completing the Exit Interview. Non-compliance will result in “HOLDS” being placed on your university records.
    • Electronic Exit Interview Handbooks can be located within the Financial Aid Publications section of the Student Financial Aid website.
  7. Fraud
    • Any false or misleading information given for the purpose of receiving financial aid will result in one or more of the following actions; cancellation of current award, repayment of funds disbursed and/or other possible disciplinary actions.

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