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Faculty and Research Interests

Brian D. Clark, PhD

Brian D. Clark, PhD

Assistant Professor

Science Center 222


The University of Chicago,
PhD, 1988.

Research Interests

Using different approaches, the work in this lab has focused on mechanisms of attention, using an animal model. First, multi-electrode extracellular recordings from the prefrontal cortex are used to characterize the behavior of neurons associated with performance of a signal detection task. Second, the actions of methylphenidate (Ritalin) on measures of task performance and on neuronal firing are compared. Finally, we are exploring the novel behavior of a small cohort of animal subjects that learn to exploit a slight predictability in the task, exchanging a difficult attentional strategy for a potentially easier working memory strategy. Collectively these studies will help to define the circuits critical for attention and help identify the mechanisms of action of drugs used to enhance cognition.


(Updated January 2017)

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