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William T. McAllister, PhD

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William T. McAllister, PhD

Professor and Chair
Science Center 2204


Department of Biochemistry, University of New Hampshire, NH
PhD, 1970

Research Interests

figure 1--Structure of the DNA zipper

Figure 1. Model of an EC with a misaligned Base Comparison of the structure of the T7 RNAP EC observed in the open configuration in the presence of the correct incoming NTP (left) and a model of a misaligned EC in which the TSn base is rotated out of the preinsertion site, allowing the TSn+1 base to pair with the incoming substrate (right). The protein is shown as a transparent surface; DNA template strand (TS) is red, RNA primer yellow, incoming NTP blue, TSn base white, TSn+1 base light red, and Y and Z helices (residues 624 to 658) and side chains of residues implicated in fidelity (Y639, G640, F644, G645, and H784) are in pink (See Pomerantz et al, Mol. Cell, 2006).

Work in our group is focused upon the structure and function of single subunit DNA-dependent RNA polymerases that are encoded by bacteriophage T7 and its relatives.  Due to their structural simplicity and ease of genetic and biochemical manipulation these enzymes have proven extremely useful in elucidating fundamental aspects of the transcription process. Moreover, these enzymes are members of the pol I family of polymerases that includes DNA polymerases and reverse transcriptases, providing further insights into general mechanisms of nucleotide polymerization, and how the members of this family have evolved to carry out related but differing processes.   Importantly, the phage RNA polymerases are closely related to mitochondrial RNA polymerase, and our efforts have recently expanded to include these enzymes which are critical for eukaryotic cell function.  Lastly, our interests include potential practical applications of these enzymes in expression systems in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, and their application in nanotechnology, such as the development of information-dependent molecular motors.  Our efforts in this field have enjoyed over 35 years of continuous NIH support, as well as support from other entities.


Figure 2. Details of RNA product displacement. Electrostatic and steric interactions at the upstream edge of the RNA:DNA hybrid separate the RNA from the DNA template, directing the RNA towards a positively charged exit pore. (See Jiang et al, Mol Cell. 2004)


PUBLICATIONS (Updated 3/2013)

(Selected Publications)

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