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Faculty and Research Interests

Dmitry Temiakovr, PhD

Dmitry Temiakov, PhD

Associate Professor
Science Center 206B
856 566-6327


Institute for Genetics, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow
PhD (Molecular Biology), 1996

Russian Chemical University by Mendeleev, Moscow
MS (Biotechnology), 1993


Research Interests

The focus of our research is to understand the molecular mechanisms of transcription and its regulation in human mitochondria. Mitochondria, the power plants of human cells, maintain their own genomes that encode proteins involved in oxidative phosphorylation. Expression of these genes is driven by a unique transcription system that involves a nuclear-encoded single subunit T7 phage-like mitochondrial RNAP polymerase (RNAP) that requires two auxiliary factors – transcription factor A (TFA) and transcription factor B2 (TFB2) for efficient initiation. Transcription in mitochondria is likely to be highly regulated, as a number of factors that affect transcription, such as MRPL12 and MTERF1-3, were recently discovered. We use an array of genetic, molecular biology, biochemical and biophysical methods to study interactions of the mitochondrial RNAP with transcription factors, and mechanisms that affect promoter recognition and fidelity. In the past, we were able to obtain crystals of other RNAPs in complex with RNA and DNA – elongation complexes of T7 RNAP and T.thermophilus RNAP. We are now working on crystallization of the human mitochondrial transcription initiation complex.


Recent Publications

(Updated January 2017)

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