Collaborative Support Faculty

Min Wang

Assistant Professor, Mathematics


BS (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics), Ocean University of China
MS (Applied Mathematics), Ocean University of China

MS (Mathematical Sciences), Northern Illinois University

PhD (Mathematical Sciences), Northern Illinois University

Research Expertise

Mathematical Modeling | Data Analytics | Machine Learning

I am a mathematician with both academic and industrial experience. As a result, my research interests are split into two categories: applied mathematics and data sciences.

As a mathematician, my research interests are in applied mathematics, which include deterministic and stochastic differential equations, mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, and their applications in biomathematics and image processing.

Before joining Rowan University, I was a Senior Analyst at Equifax Inc. Due to this industrial journey, I am also interested in the areas of data analytics such as statistical modeling, machine learning, big data (hadoop), data visualization, and model validation. I am familiar with US consumer credit data and the predictive modeling techniques widely used in credit industry. I look forward to combining my industrial data analytic experience and math knowledge to solve problems.

Selected Publications

  1. Graef JR, Kong L, Wang M. Existence of homoclinic solutions for second order difference equations with p-Laplacian, Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications (2015), 533 – 539.
  2. Graef JR, Kong L, Wang M. Stationary solution of a stochastic nosocomial epidemic model in hospital intensive care units, Stochastic Anal. Appl. 32 (2014), 840–850.
  3. Graef JR, Kong L, Wang M. A Chebyshev spectral method for solving Riemann-Liouville fractional boundary value problems, Appl. Math. Comput. 241 (2014), 140–150.
  4. Graef JR, Kong L, Wang M. Existence and uniqueness of solutions for a fractional boundary value problem with Dirichlet boundary condition, Electron. J. Qual. Theory Differ. Equ. (2013), No. 55, 1 – 11. 



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