Molecular Biology

Faculty and Research Interests

Jennifer Fischer, PhDJennifer Fischer, PhD

Science Center 128
856 566-6098
Fax: 856 566-6291


UMDNJ-Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, NJ
PhD (Molecular Biology), 2004

St. Joseph, PA
MS (Biology) , 2000

Messiah College, PA
BS (Biochemistry) , 1998

Research Interests

Medical schools employ a variety of curricular structures to educate students to be competent physicians. Examining the information critical to a physician’s reasoning can help develop evidence based medical curriculum. Currently we are evaluating the role and value of biomedical knowledge in clinical reasoning and diagnosing. This will help ensure that students receive schooling designed to prepare them to perform their jobs at the highest level with the most relevant information. To complement this, I have an interest in learning and utilizing educational technologies such as exam software, online learning management systems and virtual programs to enhance student learning. I currently serve on the e-learning Faculty User Group to test and recommend educational technologies for UMDNJ Information Services and Technology to consider for centralized implementation across UMDNJ’s eight schools.


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  2. Fischer, J.A., Muller-Weeks, S., Caradonna, S.. Fluorodeoxyuridine modulates cellular expression of the DNA base-excision repair enzyme, uracil-DNA glycosylase. Cancer Research. Vol. 66 :(17): 8829-8837 (2006 ) .
  3. Fischer, J.A., Muller-Weeks, S., Caradonna, S. Proteolytic degradation of the nuclear isoform of uracil-DNA glycosylase occurs during the S phase of the cell cycle. DNA Repair. Vol. 3: 505-513 (2004 ) .
  4. Fischer, J.A., McCann, M.P., Snetselaar, K.M. Methylation is involved in the Ustilago maydis mating response. Fungal genetics and Biology. Vol. 34: 21-35 (2001 ) .



We are pleased to announce a new program: Master of Science in Histopathology. In response to increased demand for highly competent technicians in translational research, we have developed this unique, hands-on program to prepare students to conduct biomedical research, including basic molecular and cell biology techniques, as well as the processing and analysis of primary tissue, in translational research. (read more!)

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