Molecular Biology

Protein Biochemistry

Faculty are involved in a number of aspects of protein biochemistry, utilizing various model systems such as yeast and mammalian cell culture. Some aspects of this work involve dissecting the mechanisms of DNA replication in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems with goals of developing novel anti-microbials and anti-proliferation drugs.

  • Interrelationship between initiation of DNA replication and oncogenicity of pathogenic human viruses.
  • Biophysical and structural studies of DNA replication initiation proteins from pathogenic bacteria.
  • Roles of ABCA class transporters in diseases like Macular Degeneration and Alzheimer’s.

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We are pleased to announce a new program: Master of Science in Histopathology. In response to increased demand for highly competent technicians in translational research, we have developed this unique, hands-on program to prepare students to conduct biomedical research, including basic molecular and cell biology techniques, as well as the processing and analysis of primary tissue, in translational research. (read more!)

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