Rowan Student

"Rowan is full of opportunity. Transferring here taught me how to make the most out of my college experience, making me a well-rounded person and scientist."




Biochemistry & Biology

I originally went to a huge beautiful school in sunny warm Florida. I quickly found out this wasn't the place for me being a pre-medical biochemistry major in a general chemistry class of over 500 students. I felt lost.

I had never imagined going to a state school but ended up transferring to Rowan University. This was the best decision in my college career. My chemistry classes were much smaller, allowing me to make stronger connections with students and professors to get the help I needed to understand the material and succeed. This also allowed me to do biochemical research with a professor for two years which is now in the process of getting published (yay!).

I was also able to start a club here for Women in STEM called WINGS (Women Inspiring a New Generation of Scientists) along with presiding over Rowan's Improv Club and being the vice president of club field hockey. I was also able to be a founding sister for a new sorority on campus called Sigma Delta Tau that aims to empower women.

On top of this, I ended up working as a Mad Scientist named Rainbow Kelso where I teach little kids science with experiments like making silly putty. My schedule is quite busy, to say the least, but the work is easier when you have a tight-knit group of peers with the same mentality. I am endlessly thankful for all these wonderful opportunities I would have never had at a larger school.

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