Rowan Student

"I found my niche and I found out who I really was."


Alumni - Class of 2014


Communication Studies & Advertising Minor

I never expected to attend Rowan University. After graduating from Gloucester County College in May 2011, I got accepted into Rutgers University and pursued my degree there full-steam ahead. I thought of the prestige it would bring and the big name school persona. I moved into my apartment on campus that August and immediately felt out of place. Something wasn't right. I wasn't supposed to be there.

I pushed through my first semester and commuted two and a half hours to New Brunswick to finish the second semester, realizing Rutgers was not the place for me. There was no personal attention, the offices couldn't care less and my roommates were less than accommodating. I needed to come home - home to Rowan.

I transferred the second time to Rowan University, and I never looked back. I stepped onto campus after growing up just around the corner in Elk Township, and it just felt complete. I excelled in all of my classes, picked up an advertising minor and made friends left and right. I also found my voice on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM. I found my niche and I found out who I really was. I became a super senior, and people giggled at the term, but I came to love it. It is completely okay that I attended college a little longer than the average student because it allowed me to be a Prof that much longer.

I may have taken a different path than most, but I was the first in my entire family to gain a degree and the first in my entire family to do it with honors. Rowan University helped me do that. Rowan University helped me find me. Rowan University is home. Class of 2014.

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