Rowan Student

"One day I will be a real world, working, professional musician, and I’ll have Rowan to thank for that."




Music Technology & Music Industry

After another school wasn’t a strong fit for me, one of my former teachers recommended apprenticing myself to a specific music professor here at Rowan. I trusted my teacher, so I auditioned and transferred to Rowan as a music performance major.

Not long ago, I realized that the greatest thing about Rowan had been in plain sight since day one.

I didn’t grow alone. Rowan grew with me.

The university had been building itself up, adding everything from new programs, to new buildings for years. One of those programs turned into our new Music Industry major, which I added on as a dual major last year, with the music technology track.

Having professors with connections at recording studios, record labels, and venues across the country definitely leaves us students with a lot of connections to help us launch our own careers. I feel supported and valued here. I am required to take two internships, helping me to apply my skills and build professional relationships. I am also a student worker for our recording studio, recording live concerts, recitals, bands and ensembles.

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