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"I’ve learned more about who I am, and was able to explore my options better at Rowan than anywhere else."





I grew up in Mantua, no more than 15 minutes from Rowan University.

When the time came to pick colleges in 2009, to be honest Rowan wasn't on the top of my list. I'd built up quite a false reputation of what I thought Rowan would be like. I felt like choosing to commute and going to a school not very far away wasn't the challenge I needed in my life.

After attending a different university farther away and the student loans began to rack up, I realized that I needed a change.

It was nearing the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester, and I wasn't going to be able to pay my bill at the other school.

I decided I had nothing to lose but to contact the admissions office at Rowan, and see what they could do to help. Most students by now had received their financial aid packages, registered for classes, gotten textbooks; They were ready for their semester to begin.

Admissions was a life-saver, and they gladly took me in with open arms. I was of course a bit rushed to get everything done before classes began, but the staff was more than cooperative and patient with me. At this point, I was still sort of leery, and holding onto this 'thought' of what Rowan would be like. I was afraid I was taking the easy way out, or just giving up by going to the school down the road.

What happened next completely changed my life forever. Being a Math major, the first thing I threw myself into was the Math Team, where I met some pretty awesome people. I went to RAH almost every weekend and had a blast of a time! Not to mention, I had the pleasure of being taught by some of the best professors.

Let me tell you that I was wrong to assume such negativity about Rowan. In fact, I've learned more about who I am, and was able to explore my options better at Rowan than anywhere else.

Upon graduating in May 2014, I looked back on my two years at Rowan as a transfer student with nothing but joy. I am happy with the decisions that I made while attending Rowan and am beyond proud to have graduated from this institution.

Rowan is more than just a college to me. It's where I discovered who I am, and it has set me up for who I'm going to be in the future. I'll always look back and thank Rowan for what they've done for me.

And I'm delighted to say that I am #RowanPROUD! Thank you Rowan, for everything!

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