Transfer Policy

The Admissions Committee at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, RowanSOM will consider transfer requests from applicants attending an osteopathic medical school accredited by the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation, (COCA). Applicants may request a transfer into the second (2nd) and third (3rd) year class. Two years of study must be completed at RowanSOM. Transfer requests are considered depending on places available in the class.

Applicants requesting a transfer must submit the following documents to the Office of Admissions:

  • A letter officially requesting the transfer along with the reason for the transfer request.
  • Transcripts from each institution in which the applicant matriculated, including, undergraduate, graduate school, and medical school transcripts. Applicants must submit grades from all programs attended, along with course description of all course they've completed at their current medical school.
  • An official copy of their MCAT score
  • Applicants requesting a transfer into the third (3rd) year class must submit the results of their COMLEX Board Scores.
  • Copy of their Criminal Background Check Results
  • If an applicant previously applied to RowanSOM the admissions office will obtain their AACOMAS application from the application cycle in which they applied, along with their previous letters of recommendation, transcripts and MCAT scores.

Transfer requests will not be granted to applicants for the following reasons:

  • 1. The student is not in good academic standing at their current institution
  • 2. The student has failed their COMLEX Board Exam

3. They were interviewed and rejected by the Admissions Committee on a previous application to RowanSOM

Transfer requests may be granted if the following is verified:

1. The applicant is in good academic standing

2. Any student applying for a transfer must have a physically granted face to face or video interview

3. A letter from the appropriate Dean verifying that the student has no honor code or non-academic disciplinary actions

4. The students passed their COMPLEX Board Exam (if requesting a transfer into 3rd year)

5. They have cleared a criminal background check

6. It has been determined by the Associate Registrar that there is a space available in the class in which they are being considered.

Transfer credit for transfer students

Transfer student applicants who are seeking credit for one or two academic years spent at another COCA accredited osteopathic medical school must submit an official transcript showing the grades achieved in each completed course. In addition, they must submit course descriptions for the courses completed at their current medical school. The Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs reviews transfer student transcripts looking for equivalency of course work. If there is a deficiency in comparison to our curriculum, summer course work prior to a second year transfer or additional course work during the academic year may be necessary to meet our required competencies.

Transfer credit for Advanced Standing in science courses

Students who want individual courses previously taken at another institution to count towards their RowanSOM degree requirements are required to submit official transcripts showing the grades achieved in each course for which they want the requirement waived. Only courses that were taken and passed from accredited graduate institutions of higher education will be accepted. The student completes a form requesting Advanced Standing and the Course Director reviews the transcript and other course materials. If approved by the Course Director, a grade of Advanced Standing (AS) will be recorded on the student’s transcript for the course.

Students interested in transferring to RowanSOM should contact the admissions office at (856) 566-7050 or by email message to


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