Molecular Biology

Mitochondrial Research

Mitochondria are the central nexus for the integration of metabolic and intracellular signaling pathways that determine cell survival. Mitochondrial injury is the etiological factor in a myriad of disease states including ischemic heart disease, diabetes, liver injury and cancer. Work focuses on deciphering how mitochondria respond to stress and to develop methods to circumvent cellular damage and loss of viability, with emphasis on the following aspects:

  • Mitochondria in cancer development and progression. Mitochondria in heart injury during ischemia. Mitochondrial injury in insulin secreting pancreatic beta cells, leading to the development of diabetes
  • Understanding the role of conserved C-type cyclin in mitochondrial dynamics and tumor suppression.
  • The study of evolutionarily conserved mitochondrial translational activators

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We are pleased to announce a new program: Master of Science in Histopathology. In response to increased demand for highly competent technicians in translational research, we have developed this unique, hands-on program to prepare students to conduct biomedical research, including basic molecular and cell biology techniques, as well as the processing and analysis of primary tissue, in translational research. (read more!)

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