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-Phone-a-Thon 2006 (Click for Pictures!)

-Open House 2007 (Click for Pictures!)

-Friendly’s Night Fundraiser – March 29th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm

-The Big Event! – Saturday April 14th at 10:00am

-Induction Ceremony – May 5th at 12:00pm in Bozorth Auditorium

Service Credit Opportunities 

- Dining out for Life Ambassador
(April 26)
Help the AIDS Coalition of South Jersey raise money for programs and
   services to help those affected by AIDS/HIV. You will be assigned a
   restaurant to help out. If you’re interested, call Suzanne Paquette at
   (856) 933-9500 ext. 204.

- Phone-A-Thon
   (Date and Time TBA)
   Spend a few hours in the Alumni house making calls to raise funds. More
   info coming soon. Good for one service credit.

- Induction Committee
   Responsible people are needed to head up the Induction Ceremony. You will
   be required to organize the ceremony coming up this May. Email Steph if you
   are interested in this. It will count as service credit.

- Tutoring
   (Any Day and Time)
   You may tutor a student that is taking a communication class for a service credit.
   You must get the professor for that class to email Steph, letting her know that you
   are tutoring a student in the class.

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