Edelman Planetarium  

Welcome to the Fredric and Jean Edelman Planetarium!

Local school children and residents are welcome to join the Rowan community in reaching for the stars in the University's planetarium. Here visitors can enjoy a wide variety of shows and special events designed to educate and entertain, advance viewers' understanding of the universe, and provide up-to-date astronomical information. Come join us as we explore the cosmos!

The Planetarium is managed by the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Rowan University. For directions to Science Hall and the Edelman Planetarium, visit www.rowan.edu/map. To contact our business office, call 856.256.4389. To email the director, use planetarium@rowan.edu. Our address:

Edelman Planetarium

Science Hall, Rowan University

201 Mullica Hill Road

Glassboro NJ  08028



Observatory Open House. The public observing open house scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 24, 6:00-9:00 p.m. has been postponed to Wednesday night at the same times due to expcted cloudy and cold weather. We'll post a decision about Wednesday night here by early afternoon. This free event is open to the public. Various telescopes, inclluding the 16-inch reflector in the large dome atop Science Hall, will be avaialble for viewing celestial objects such as planets, gaseous nebulae, and star clusters. A brief and optional introductory planetarium session will be given at 6:00 and again at 6:30 to acquaint visitors with what they will be looking at up at the telescopes. Dress warmly: it's always colder at these events than you think it is likely to be! Children should be accompanied by parents, and advised not to run around: the observing deck is dark, and footing is somewhat uneven.

Take a trip through the universe. The star show "Passport to the Universe," from the American Museum of Natural History (aka Hayden Planetarium) is now showing in the star theater at 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoons. "Passport" is narrated by actor Tom Hanks. More information can be found on our public show page.

Parking at the planetarium. There have been some significant changes in parking at Rowan University that affect our public programs. Check our new parking page for details.

Family shows return! We realize that not all of our public shows are all that watchable by young children. After all, the programs are designed to educate and entertain adults. But we also realize that families with young children might like to visit the planetarium as a group on a weekend. So we've brought back an old favorite format, and will be offering family shows nearly every month for this academic year. The next family show will be given March 1. Details can be found on our public show page.

Planetarium E-Newsletter. The planetarium offers an occasional newsletter available via email. Periodically we send out information about upcoming shows, observatory open houses, and current sky events. We will not share email addresses with anyone else! To sign up, simply send a request to the planetarium director.

"South Jersey Skies" newspaper column. The South Jersey Times (formerly the Gloucester County Times) no longer publishes this column on astronomy on Sundays, but a list of and links to the published columns can be found here.

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The Edelman Planetarium normally offers public astronomy programs -- planetarium shows -- on weekends during the regular school year when Rowan is open. It is also open to schools and other groups by reservation. See the school program page, email the director, or call 856.256.4389 for details.


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