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International Student Services



Address Update Form : Use this form to provide your local, international, and mailing addresses and contact information.


Consent to Disclose Student Information Through the International Center (FERPA):This form declares your written consent to the disclosure of information from your educational record to specific individuals and offices.


Driver's License For International Students :If you would like to drive during your time in the US you must obtain a New Jersey driver’s license. Use this form for information on how to go about obtaining a license in New Jersey.


Emergency Contact Information Form :In the event of an emergency, Rowan University requires a point of contact in your home country and/or the US.


Signature For Travel Form :This form contains VERY IMPORTANT information for anyone planning on leaving and re-entering the US.


F-1 Status

Extension of Stay in F-1 or J-1 Status :Use this form if you will not complete your degree by the expected completion date and require an extension on your I-20 or DS-2019.

F-1 Responsibilities Contract :This form details student responsibilities in relation to maintaining legal status while in the US. You must sign and date all pages confirming your understanding of the information contained in the document.



Maintaining Your Legal F-1 Status :This form provides important information about maintaining legal status while in the US.


I-20: This form must be completed by all F-1 applicants. We encourage you to begin the  I-20 Application immediately after submitting the Academic Application. Upon academic acceptance, your I-20 application will be processed.


Optional Practical Training :This form is useful for anyone wishing to seek off-campus employment in their field of study.  Useful information is also provided for anyone currently engaged in OPT.  


Standards for Working :Any F-1 student seeking employment and/or in need of a social security number should reference this form.



Reduced Course Load Form :This form will be useful to any student experiencing difficulty with his/her course load who wishes to drop classes without jeopardizing legal status.


Change of Status

Changing to F-1 Student Status :This form contains useful information for people who arrived to the US under a different status and wish to pursue full-time study and subsequently need to change their status to F-1.


Request to Close SEVIS Record Based on Approved/Pending Permanent Residency Application : This form is useful for those with pending or approved permanent residency seeking to permanently terminate their SEVIS record, canceling F-1 or J-1 status.