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International Student Services

Working in the US - Social Security Numbers

International Students may not work in the United States without the authorization of the International Center. You must coordinate with the office to ensure that all guidelines are properly met.

How to Obtain a Social Security Number

You may apply for a Social Security Number at the Social Security Office no more than 30 days prior to your employment start date. To obtain a Social Security Number, you must:

1. Submit to the International Center a copy of the offer letter from your employer listing your name, job title, description of job duties, start and end dates, number of hours/week, location, employer's name and phone number.

2. Obtain from the International Center a letter to bring with you to the Social Security Office. Please fill out the Request for IC Letter to Social Security Office form.

3. Provide the following to the Social Security Office:

• Letter from the International Center
• Offer letter from your employer
• Your I-20
• Your passport

The Social Security Office is located at 51 Charles III Dr., Glassboro (just off of Delsea Dr., behind Friendly’s). For hours and other information, call 800-772-1213.

Note: Social Security numbers are not required in order to apply for a New Jersey Driver's License.