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Are You There America? It's Me, God - Part 2: Times...Are They Changing??
(Apr 29, 2003) Play Dowanload

Part two looks at the difference of religious practices between families in the past and present and why certain changes came about. Producers: Nick Bennett & Claire Morgans

Are You There America? It's Me, God - Part 1: The Evolution of Religion in America
(Apr 28, 2003) Play Dowanload

Part one begins by taking a brief look at the origins of religion in America in reference to key events and important time frames that played a pivotal role in establishing what we've come to know as religion today. In addition, this segment analyzes recent trends and takes a deeper look into the current status of religion in America. Producers: Derek Dealy & Ray Johnston

It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To - Part 5
(Apr 26, 2002) Play Dowanload

The focus of this segment is on methampthetamines, GHB, LSD, and the help and treatment available for party drug addictions. Producers: Jake Nisenfield, Mike Billian and Nate Clark

It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To - Part 4
(Apr 25, 2002) Play Dowanload

This segment examines the drug Special K. Producers: Renee Aiello and Shane O'Connor

It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To - Part 3
(Apr 24, 2002) Play Dowanload

This segment focuses on the drug Ecstasy. Producers: Jason Urbaniak & Beth Ellis

It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To - Part 2
(Apr 23, 2002) Play Dowanload

This segment discusses Rohypnol and includes an interview with a rape victim. Producers: Nicole Cranston and Pat Kuhlen

It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To - Part 1
(Apr 22, 2002) Play Dowanload

Rowan Radio presents a five part documentary about the use and abuse of party drugs and exercising self control. This segment presents an overview on party drugs and the lack of treatment. Producers: Mark Kasubinski, Caroline Watts and Mike Sweeney

Facing the Facts: The Use & Abuse of Alcohol - Part 5
(Apr 27, 2001) Play Dowanload

Prescription for Recovery - This segment deals with alcoholism as a disease, the various symptoms of alcoholism and the recovery aspect. Included are statistics of alcoholism, treatment methods and the effectiveness of those treatments. Guests describe in-depth various alternative methods of treatment, including detoxification, outpatient counseling and interventions. Producers: Dan Riegel and Jen Di Santo

Facing the Facts: The Use & Abuse of Alcohol - Part 4
(Apr 26, 2001) Play Dowanload

Surviving the Scare - This segment looks at alcohol abuse on the home front & examines how alcohol affects the abuser & the family. It tells the story of four recovering alcoholics, Peg, Joe, Gil, & Anne, through their journey of alcoholism. They discuss how AA changed their lives & follow-up on what they go through today. Producers: Bruce Hummer and Jeannette Coppola

Facing the Facts - The Use & Abuse of Alcohol - Part 3
(Apr 25, 2001) Play Dowanload

Drinking, Driving, & Surviving - This segment looks at the cost of drinking & driving. Topics include the recent legislative push to lower the minimum B.A.C ., steps necessary to rejoin society after a DWI arrest & how to seek help if you are the victim of a drunk driving crash. Experts include Kevin Flannagan, NJ State Trooper; Harold Watson, from the National Commission Against Drunk Driving; & Frank Winters, a member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Producers: PJ Bielavitz and Maureen Talor

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