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America's Journey into the Millennium: Reflections, Past, Present and Future - Part 3
(Apr 28, 1999) Play Dowanload

This segment focuses on the family life in America. An interview with a married couple probes the many reasons that couples stay together and the various techniques they use to keep the family intact. Also, distance in family members is explored. Producers: Kris Noyes & Dave Ward

America's Journey into the Millennium: Reflections, Past, Present and Future - Part 2
(Apr 27, 1999) Play Dowanload

This segment examines the changing lifestyles and values of America's dating practices. From the tradition same sex/race heterosexual couples to homosexual couples to the effects of interracial dating on children, the question of what will be accepted in the next century is explored. Producers: Brian Plasket & Bill Ryden

America's Journey into the Millennium: Reflections, Past, Present and Future - Part 1
(Apr 26, 1999) Play Dowanload

This segment focuses on the perspectives of sexuality's change over the years. Questions of where sexuality has been and where it is going as the new millennium approaches are examined. It takes a more in depth look at the sexual revolution. Producers: John Sadak & John Bruno

One Nation Understanding - Part 5
(May 08, 1998) Play Dowanload

Religion & Relationships at the Dawn of a New Millenium - This segment discusses the effects religion can have on relationships and the children being raised by parents of two different religions. The issue of whether or not to date outside of one's religion is also looked at. The emphasis of communication and compromise are explained and also how tolerance, respect, and acceptance are needed in any type of relationship. Producers: Steve Kandik and Janene Ehmann

One Nation Understanding - Part 4
(May 07, 1998) Play Dowanload

Melody in the Melting Pot - This segment begins with a short piece of a variety of songs - new and old. It discusses how music can vary between cultures and the possible reasoning behind that idea. It also looks at how music can be used as a good way to break down barriers. Producers: Chris Coyne and Don Steever

One Nation Understanding - Part 3
(May 06, 1998) Play Dowanload

Women in the Workplace - This segment looks at how the idea of women in the workplace started and how it has evolved and changed over time. In today's world, women are doing many jobs that were previously only done by men. Also discussed is the idea that certain job titles have certain connotations. Producers: Randy Morton, Charles Wojcik and Eric Cardinali

One Nation Understanding - Part 2
(May 05, 1998) Play Dowanload

The Media Melting Pot - This segment discusses the idea of multiculturalism and how the definition of the word is changing over the course of time. It also explains how radio stations need to pay attention to their signal area to ensure they are playing a variety of music to appeal to their listeners interests. Producers: Anchor Babcock, Brian McCallion and Dan Savaria

One Nation Understanding - Part 1
(May 04, 1998) Play Dowanload

This segment discusses Title 9 (equal access education to boys and girls including athletics) and how sports have grown and changed over time because of this. It explains the door that was opened for women to play sports in high school, college and beyond and why racial issues are easier to overcome when sports are involved. The importance of good sportsmanship is emphasised. Producers: Dean Auer and Jabari Higgs

Breaking the Silence - Part 5
(May 09, 1997) Play Dowanload

This segment discusses physical and emotional abuse and what happens when families try to intervene in either a positive or negative way. It explains how the people who are abused are mostly likely to become the abusers and some tips are given of ways to break this cycle. Producers: Melissa Connell & Victor Sosa

Breaking the Silence - Part 4
(May 08, 1997) Play Dowanload

This segment focuses on the issue of child abuse. It discusses the long term effects abuse can have on a child much later in his or her life. Producers: Jason Weber & Pat Reeves

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