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A weekly program hosted by Stanley El, spotlighting South Jersey people, Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m.

Service in the Community
(Feb 15, 2017) Play Dowanload

This week The American Dream crew catches up with a few special local guests to discuss their individual American dreams, from helping children to helping people in general.

Cathcing Up With Laura McGill
(Feb 08, 2017) Play Dowanload

This week The American Dream is crew is joined by Laura McGill, who has recently been promoted as a detective in the Philadelphia police department. She discusses some upcoming plans, including a brand new book in the works.

Boys and Girls Club
(Feb 01, 2017) Play Dowanload

This week The American Dream crew is joined by Jeff Sanders of the boys and girls club of Gloucester County. They discuss the purpose of the club and what they are currently doing around the community.

Loschil Speaks on Spoken Word
(Jan 25, 2017) Play Dowanload

Host Stanley El is joined by poet Julian Matthews, also known as Loschil in the spoken word community. They discuss the power of art and how Matthews was able to establish himself as a poet and turn it into a career.

The Journey of a Local Singer
(Jan 18, 2017) Play Dowanload

This week The American Dream crew sits down with a special guest from Willingboro, NJ. She discusses her singing career from various tours to performing at important national events.

Rhetoric Advising
(Jan 11, 2017) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Stanley El sits down with bussinessman, Stephon Martin to discuss his company, Rhetoric Advising. He takes you through the journey of following the American Dream to create a successful bussiness.

Welcoming Back Chuck Rollins
(Jan 04, 2017) Play Dowanload

To kick off 2017, the American Dream crew welcomes Chuck Rollins back to the show after 10 years. He gives us an update on his bussiness and how he was able to build a successful foundation while following his personal American Dream.

Getting Ready for the New Year
(Dec 28, 2016) Play Dowanload

The American Dream crew gets ready for the New Year with a special guest. Listen to get the latest updates on this artist's musical endeavours!

Sending the Message Through Art
(Dec 14, 2016) Play Dowanload

This week The American Dream team discusses disabilities and how we can spread awareness through art in our community.

Bussiness Update for the Holidays
(Dec 07, 2016) Play Dowanload

The American Dream teams gets into the holiday spirit as they welcome back Alex from California. This week they catch up with the entire team and provide some updates on local events coming up this season.

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