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A weekly program hosted by Stanley El, spotlighting South Jersey people, Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m.

Young Entrepeneurs on the Art of Balancing
(Sep 14, 2016) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Stanley El delves into the art of entrepeneurship. He discusses the improtance of time management and how that ties into following the dream.

Preparing for Constituion Day Throught ART
(Sep 07, 2016) Play Dowanload

American Rebirth Tour curators speak with Host Dr. Stanley El about their door to door campaign. They discuss what it means for a law to be constitutional and how that can impact our day to day lives here in the United States.

Sincerely Syreeta
(Aug 31, 2016) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Stanley El speaks with freelance journalist Syreeta Martin on her latest work and widespread media coverage.

Q&A With Mom
(Aug 24, 2016) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Stanley El lets a guest host take the mic to lead a very special interview.

Exploring The Dream: What it Means to be American
(Aug 17, 2016) Play Dowanload

Dr. Stanley El hosts a discussion with his team about the importance of local resources and how they make it possible to achieve success.

Functional Fitness Gives Back
(Aug 10, 2016) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Stanley El speaks with athletic trainer of Functinal Fitness in Woodbury, NJ about the many non-profit services offered by this local facility.

RCB Talent Productions: What's Up and Coming?
(Aug 03, 2016) Play Dowanload

The American Dream team joins Robin Carter of RCB Talent Productions to discuss some exciting upcoming events taking place in our area.

Young, Black, Successful: Leading Youth to Greatness
(Jul 27, 2016) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Sanley El speaks with a young broadcaster and longtime friend about her latest bussiness endeavor and mentorship program.

Giving Back Through Fitness
(Jul 20, 2016) Play Dowanload

Local fitness specialist and trainer updates us on some exciting upcoming events in the area.

Women Empowerment Spreads Through South Jersey
(Jul 13, 2016) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Stanley El speaks with young entrepeneurs about their most recent endeavors to empower young women.

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