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Thursdays at 5:30 p.m., Rowan Radio presents a weekly update on various medical topics.

Dr. Gupta Offers Tips for Healthy Living This Summer
(Jun 23, 2016) Play Dowanload

Hosts Feroza Patel and Trajan Barrera speak with Dr. Gupta, Director of the Center for Weight Loss and Metabolic Control about staying healthy this summer.

Dr. Mike Koriwchak on EHR and Health Data
(Jun 16, 2016) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Craig Wax discusses EHR and health data with Dr. Mike Koriwchak. They cover the consequences of the marriage between electronic health records and technology.

All We Need to Know About Bio Identical Replacement Therapy
(Jun 09, 2016) Play Dowanload

Guest Dr. Camille Semple-Daly, OB/GYN of Willingboro, joins Rowan University medical students Trajan Barrera and Feroza Patel to take an in-depth look at Bio Identical Hormone Replacement therapy.

Medicare to Main Street
(Jun 02, 2016) Play Dowanload

Dr. Craig Wax joins San Antonio Opthalmologist Dr. Jane Hughes to discuss what Medicare to Main Street means for our future.

Exploring Music Medicine
(May 26, 2016) Play Dowanload

Medical students Trajan Barrera and Feroza Patel join Dr. Richard German and Scott Ventre to discuss the wonders of Rowan University's Music Medicine Program.

The Zika Virus: Everything You Need To Know
(May 19, 2016) Play Dowanload

Emergency medicine specialist, Dr. Otto Sabando explains the dangers of the Zika virus and how we can take precautionary measures to fight against it.

Your Health Matters
(Apr 28, 2016) Play Dowanload

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine students Trajan Barrera and Feroza Patel are joined by Dr. Adarsh Gupta to discuss stress eating. They cover why stress eating happens, how it can impact the body, and how to avoid it.

Your Health Matters
(Mar 31, 2016) Play Dowanload

Medical students Trajan Barrera and Feroza Patel speak with Dr. Vincent DeRisio, professor of pathology and Medical director of Rowan Medicine. They discussed the transition to Value Based medicine.

Your Health Matters
(Mar 24, 2016) Play Dowanload

Dr. Craig Wax speaks with urologist Dr. Arnon Krongrad about simple access to quality surgical care. They also discuss laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, a minimally invasive prostate surgery.

Your Health Matters
(Mar 17, 2016) Play Dowanload

Laura Gurehlian and Julian Barrett, second-year students at Rowan SOM, are guests on the show with hosts Trajan Barrera and Feroza Patel. Gurehlian and Barrett, also board members and volunteers at the Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Clinic, discuss public services the clinic provides to the South Jersey community.

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