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The Perfect Time to Quit Smoking
(Jan 19, 2017) Play Dowanload

Hosts Trajan Barrera and Feroza Patel talk with Family Medicine Physician Dr. Linda Boyd about taking control in 2017 and how your doctor can be there to help.

Being Vegetarian on the Road
(Jan 12, 2017) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks with Eric Bazilian, founder of Philadelphia rock band, The Hooters. Eric discusses his journey toward vegan/vegetarianism and how he manages that lifestyle on the road.

The Trouble With Ankles
(Dec 29, 2016) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Craig Wax is joined by podiatrist, Dr. Hurley of the Cooper Bone and Joint Centers of Glassboro and Marlton. They explore the various medical problems that come with ankles, along with treatment plans and prevention methods.

Are we obese because of the commercials?
(Dec 22, 2016) Play Dowanload

During the holiday season, medical students Feroza Patel and Trajan barrera talk to Dr. Deborah Podolin about how big food companies are spending millions to control what we put on our plates and how it is affecting our health.

From Paralysis to Walking
(Dec 15, 2016) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Craig Wax talks to a longshoremen who almost lost his life on the job. They discuss his injuries and how he overcame them. Special guest and nerosurgeon, Dr. Dawn Tartaglione joins in to offer some insight on paralysis and recovery.

The Season for Giving
(Dec 08, 2016) Play Dowanload

As the holidays are approaching, medical students Feroza Patel and Trajan Barrera talk to Ms.Tammy Morris, the Executive Director of the Cumberland Family Shelter about the good work that they do and why it is important to treat all people with dignity and respect and how the plight of others affects all of us.

Rural Family Medicine Practice
(Dec 01, 2016) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Craig Wax is joined by Dr. Joyce Scott, ostheopathic family physician from Clay County, TN. They discuss rural family medicine practice and what challeneges come along with it.

The Importance of Mental Health
(Nov 24, 2016) Play Dowanload

Easy ways to improve mental health in our community." Hosts Feroza Patel and Trajan Barrera talk to medical students Sheila De Young, Michelle Shah, Kimia Kheirkhah, and Kevin Hess about their experimental projects to improve mental health among medical students and how you can use them to help your own community.

Role of the Foot in Sports
(Nov 17, 2016) Play Dowanload

Host Dr. Craig Wax speaks to sports podiatrist and radio host, Dr. Rober Weil. They discuss the importance of foot care and what role the foot plays in athleticism.

Are taxpayers paying for Opioid addiction?
(Nov 10, 2016) Play Dowanload

Hosts Feroza Patel and Trajan Barrera talk to Dr. Richard Jermyn, practicing physiatrist about chronic pain, opioids, and barriers to treating patients suffering from pain, addiction, and dependence.

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