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Strategic Planning

Rowan University

Organizational Structure

The strategic governance of an institution "needs to serve as a vehicle to bring talented people with good ideas from across campus into productive relationships with one another. . . . and to draw upon, encourage, and strategically connect the best educational and administrative practices that are emerging in different parts of the organization" (Morrill, Strategic Leadership, p. 89).


Strategic Planning Structure and Functions (pdf; updated May 2014)

Entities and Functions

The Board of Trustees, President, and President's Cabinet determine the strategic direction of the institution.

The Deans' Council makes decisions about academic priorities. The Deans work with the Provost and the strategic planning leadership of their Colleges and Departments to define strategies to execute these priorities.

The Strategic Priorities Council (formerly the Strategic Planning Council) is comprised of individuals involved in University operations and planning who have earned the confidence of their supervisors, are knowledgeable about the institution’s operations and its culture, are engaged with the University in ways that are influencing its strategic trajectory, and have demonstrated the ability to actively engage in creative thinking, integrated planning and collaborative decision-making.

The Strategic Planning Advisory Committee engages the campus community in dialogue about strategic planning and facilitates input into the process.

Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning provides data to support decision-making.


University Senate

CMSRU Faculty Assembly

RowanSOM Faculty Senate (see the Faculty Handbook, p. 6)

Student Government Association

RowanSOM Student Council

CMSRU Student National Medical Association Chapter

Alumni Association