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Strategic Planning

Rowan University

PROFessional of the Month Recipients 2016-2017

June 2017: Taruna Chugeria, Assistant Director for Special Programs, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Congratulations to Taruna Chugeria, Rowan University’s PROFessional of the Month for June!

In her work with CMSRU, Taruna runs several enrichment programs designed to give students from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities to succeed in health professional careers. Those programs include the Junior Urban Medical Pioneers High School Academy (JUMP High) for high school students and the Premedical Urban Leaders Summer Enrichment (PULSE) for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a healthcare profession. Additionally, over the past several months, she went “above and beyond” to create additional support programming, including Saturday MCAT prep sessions on the Glassboro campus, according to a colleague. She also spearheaded the establishment of a food pantry for summer program students who were struggling with food insecurity.

“Taruna has demonstrated incredible dedication to enrichment programs and to undergraduate students since joining the Rowan family,” the colleague says. “She is extremely student centered and well deserving of recognition.”

Thank you, Taruna, for all that you do!

May 2017: Pete Schultz, Mover Supervisor, Facilities Custodial Services

Congratulations to Pete Schultz, Rowan University’s PROFessional of the Month for May!

Pete was recognized for his stellar work coordinating moves on campus throughout the year. A manual job, Pete confirms every detail to ensure items are relocated and set up perfectly for Rowan events, ensuring that his team relocates and sets up items perfectly, a colleague says.

“He works hard and makes sure jobs are done on time. He exceeds our expectations each and every time. Pete is a friendly, outgoing, hardworking, detail-oriented professional Rowan staff member who is always responsive to requests. He exemplifies outstanding internal customer service,” a colleague says.

Thank you, Pete, for all that you do!

April 2017: Stephanie Heiser, Administrative Assistant, Department of Writing Arts

Congratulations to Stephanie Heiser, Rowan University’s PROFessional of the Month for April!

Stephanie was recognized for her exceptional work in the very busy Department of Writing Arts in the College of Communication & Creative Arts. In her work, she coordinates class schedules for approximately 100 faculty members, accommodating logistical requests and managing last-minute changes. A creative and effective problem-solver, Stephanie initiated improvements to the travel, budget, scheduling and hiring processes, according to her colleagues. Moreover, they add, she resolves issues related to space management and technology use—all while exhibiting a deep commitment to serving students.

“She personifies excellence. And she does it all with kindness and a smile,” a colleague says.

Thank you, Stephanie, for all that you do!

March 2017: Marybeth Hegel, Manager, Technical Training Service, Informational Resources & Technology

Congratulations to Marybeth Hegel, Rowan University’s PROFessional of the Month for March!

Marybeth was recognized for leading her team to deliver vital training sessions on the new required Banner 9 forms in February and March. Altogether, sessions were held for 382 attendees, in addition to one-on-one training, a webinar, three videos and a FAQs page.

As one of the team members to field the front line phone calls for troubleshooting after the new form went live, Marybeth “helped resolve issues and calm nerves. Her knowledge and wiliness to help colleagues has garnered kudos and respect,” a colleague said.

Thank you, Marybeth, for all that you do!

February 2017: Tina Doran, Senior Clerk/Operations and Commencement Participation, University Events

Congratulations to Tina Doran, Rowan University’s PROFessional of the Month for February!

With a strong work ethic and a keen sense of responsibility to Rowan students, Tina deftly handles scores of phone calls and emails from students, their families and faculty members regarding Rowan’s Commencement Week ceremonies. Tina “ensures our students’ hard work is recognized at Commencement and she is known for responding to frantic student inquiries at all hours of the night to ease their minds and confirm their participation in Commencement,” a colleague said. Moreover, “she diligently supervises three student workers to ensure their experience is meaningful and educational.”

Thank you, Tina, for all that you do!

January 2017: Steven Kessel, Assistant Director, Office of University Scheduling

Congratulations to Steven Kessel, Rowan University’s January PROFessional of the Month!

Steve was lauded by his colleagues as a “behind-the scenes professional who dedicates himself to making sure the University runs smoothly.” In addition to his main job of making sure all University courses are created and set up properly for each term, Steve is “known throughout campus as a trusted source of information and a trouble-shooter.” His colleagues say he exudes the collaborative spirit integral to working at Rowan University, willingly volunteering his expertise on a regular basis.

Thank you, Steven, for all that you do!

October 2016: Peggy Pedrick, Administrative Assistant, Department of Public Safety

Congratulations to Peggy Pedrick, Rowan University’s October PROFessional of the Month!

Nominations lauded Peggy as a consummate professional and a tireless, devoted employee who always goes the extra mile to ensure a job well done. Kind, courteous and knowledgeable, Peggy is a successful relationship builder who is always willing to assist others within her department and across campus, according to her nominations.

Thank you, Peggy, for all that you do!

September 2016: Carl Lunk, Instrument Coordinator for the College of Science and Mathematics

Congratulations to Rowan University’s September PROFessional of the Month, Carl Lunk!

According to his nominations, Carl's passion for his job is driven primarily by making sure the students have as little down-time as possible—he always says, "the only reason any of us is here is because of the students". His student-centered approach to his job is a model for everyone. Additionally, his colleagues are always impressed with how much he can get done with the limited resources he has; he is often referred to the departmental “Scotty” after the miracle-working Star Trek engineer. And he not only helps his department, he is a resource for the entire building.

Thank you, Carl, for all that you do!