University Web Services provides all of Rowan's campuses, colleges and administrative divisions with extensive centralized services and a broad range of tools in support of official Rowan websites.  Our team supports the academic and administrative web initiatives of the institution, assisting more than 300 individual content editors who help us to power over 250 websites. Our responsibilities also include digital interface design and identity management, social media administration, domain management and mobile app development. 

In 2012 we began the arduous challenge of redesigning the entire Rowan University web presence and implementing the Drupal content management system.  This summer the new web interface will arrive but our work has just begun.  We need your help now in making this venture a reality. 

PLEASE NOTE :: We are not permitting any new development and/or template changes in light of the impending redesign.

Over the next few months we will be in-touch personally with everyone who already maintains a Rowan website to explain the process.  We will begin addressing the redesign of the SOM websites sometime later this summer.  But for those of you who are new to Rowan, feel free to send your questions and/or concerns to webservices@rowan.edu.  To learn more about the redesign project, please visit the Rowan Redesign Website.