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About the Card

The RowanCard is the official photo identification of the University and should be carried at all times.  Although one card, it has three uses and gives students access to many privileges. 

Rowan Card Layout

  1. Cardholder’s Name
  2. Cardholder’s Status
  3. Magnetic Stripe
  4. ID Card Program Logo
  5. RowanCard Disclaimer


The photo on the card identifies the carrier as the owner of the card. The card also identifies a person's status on campus (i.e., student or employee), entitling him or her to a specific set of privileges.  A swipe of the magnetic stripe on the back will give students access to:

RowanCard 'Boro Bucks Account

Meal Plan Account

Dining Dollar Account

University bookstore services

Rec Center privileges

Mail Room privileges

Campbell Library privileges

After-hours building access (where available)

Vending machines

Campus copiers

Print labs

Off-Campus Merchants

The RowanCard is the property of Rowan University and is non-transferable.  Only the person whose photo is on the card will be permitted to spend funds from the accounts on the card.  Cards will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the cardholder or if the card is involved in inappropriate or illegal use.  Fraudulent use of another person's card will result in disciplinary action.

Meal Plan/Dining Dollar Account

When students purchase meal plans through dining services, they also receive Dining Dollars and 'Boro Bucks.

Students can use their meal plan accounts to purchase food in either the Marketplace or from a "meal equivalent" menu in the Food Court. If they go beyond their allocated meals, the university will automatically draw money from their Dining Dollar or Boro Bucks account. Dining Dollars can be used to purchase food from any on-campus food location.

Setting up a meal plan is easy. Contact the Bursar's Office at (856) 256-4150.  Better yet, stop by in person to purchase a meal plan.  The office is located in Savitz Hall on the ground level.  Payment is required at the time of purchase. Meal plans can be decreased through the second week of classes only.


RowanCard 'Boro Bucks Account

Students can avoid carrying cash or credit cards by depositing money in their RowanCard 'Boro Bucks Account. The money in this account can be used to purchase a variety of goods and services on campus and at over 80 locations off campus. Money deposited into the 'Boro Bucks account is drawn down with each purchase. 'Boro Bucks balances roll over from year to year and do not expire. Upon graduation, withdrawal or termination of employment, refunds will be issued for remaining funds over ten dollars.  The purchase of pre-paid cards of any kind or gift certificates are NOT permitted using Boro Bucks. Students cannot make cash withdrawals from their RowanCard. Check account balances at