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Procurement at a Glance

The Procurement at a Glance Page contains general information regarding purchasing, specific policies, and definitions of common contracting & procurement language.


Data Governance & Technology Purchasing Policies

Starting immediately, all software, computer hardware, and consulting purchases must be reviewed and approved by Information Resources & Technology to ensure they are aligned with institutional priorities and that IRT can support them once activated. Requests for review can be made by filling out the IT Review and Acquisition Form at Self Service Banner, under the Finance Section. This policy applies to all members of the Rowan community who seek to acquire IT Resources using University funds, including grant funds from contracts and/or transmittal forms between the University and external funding sources (public and private).

Approvals made by IT must be sent to requisitions@rowan.edu before the Office of Contracting & Procurement can process the request.

The addition of the two new medical schools coupled with Rowan's plans for 2025, has led the University to reexamine its information security and data governance policies and procedures. The University is much more complex and it must now meet heightened state and federal regulations for information gathering and sharing. Over the years, individuals and departments regularly purchased hardware and software without consulting with Information Resources & technology (IRT). Many times, the equipment or software was not compatible, which would lead to extra costs. Due to this, all software as a service, especially hosted services, will be subject to rigorous security review to ensure student and employee data integrity.

Technology Items that are Excluded from IRT Acquisition Policy Approval

  1. Cables/Adapters
  2. Computer Monitors
  3. Cables & Adapters
  4. Computer keyboards and mice
  5. Computer scanners
  6. External hard drives
  7. Flash drives
  8. Printers/toner/drum kits
  9. Fax/copy machines
  10. Rowan University standard laptops: iMac, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, Mac Mini for Apple, All Series T laptops for Lenovo (all other configurations need approval)
  11. Rowan University standard desktops: M83, M73, M93, Think Pad Yoga (all other configurations need approval)
  12. iPads without Cellular service activation, up to five (5). If purchasing more than five, approval is required.
  13. Digital Cameras & Camcorders

Note: All Information Technology orders, even if excluded from the IRT Acquisition Policy, require quotes or invoices besent to the Office of Contratcing & Procurement at, requisitions@rowan.edu.

The Policies are Listed Below:

For additional assistance, please contact:

Clare Lafferty, IRT Administration: lafferty@rowan.edu

John Angelastro, Chief Information Security Officer: angelastroj@rowan.edu

Office Max Customer Perks Program

OfficeMax has partnered with Rowan University to bring you a new way to save: OfficeMax Customer Perks. When you shop at any of the OfficeMax retail locations, you will receive 10% off nearly all supplies, furniture, ink and toner and OfficeMax ImPress® services; as well as 5% off nearly all technology items.

How the OfficeMax program works:

  1. Click on the link: OfficeMax Customer Perks Program
  2. Once there, click on the application page and complete the application. Once it’s submitted, OfficeMax will send your Customer Perks membership card via email.
  3. It’s that simple. Just bring your card and proof of employment to any OfficeMax store and start saving

Travel Agent Services

Travel Agent Services are featured by the Accounts Payable Department. Please contact Miranda Salvatore, 856.256.4043 or salvatoremi@rowan.edu, for more details.

The Accounts Payable website also has Travel forms available: Accounts Payable Travel Forms

Cell Phone Consolidation

Cell Phone Consolidation Program

Explanation of Terms

Buyer: A person within the purchasing department who has the authority to process purchases or requests on behalf of the University.

Central Stores: Items available from Central Stores should be ordered from Central Stores, not a vendor.

Change Order: A written document issues by the Purchasing Department authorizing a change to an existing purchase order. Typically, purchase orders are not sent to the vendor.

Competitive Bidding: A process used to provide quotes for the same item by more than one vendor. Generally regarded as the best method to reduce the cost for goods or services.

Confidentiality: Non-disclosure of information. Rowan maintains confidentiality to the extent permitted by law, and in compliance with relative OPRA/FERPA regulations.

Contract: An agreement between two or more parties; Rowan University and a Vendor(s).

Minority Business Enterprise: A business which is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled on a daily basis by people of ethnic classifications.

Miscellaneous Disbursement Voucher (MDV): A document used to process payments. This payment is used primarily for reimbursements, registrations for travel, memberships, subscriptions, debt services, and payroll deductions. All other purchases should be processed through the Banner System.

Preferred Supplier: The designated supplier for specific goods or services due to negotiated pricing.

Prime Contractor: Chief contractor, having a contract with Rowan for goods or services, and having the full responsibility for its completion. A prime contractor may employ a subcontractor to carry out specified parts of the contract.

Purchase Agreement: Typically, a purchase order that may also include General Terms and Conditions, Supplemental Terms and Conditions, Specifications, Drawings and Change Orders.

Purchase Order (PO): A document issued by the University and serving as a commitment to purchase the good or services noted thereon. These are documents issued by buyers to sellers demonstrating prices, quantities, and types of products or services looking to be purchased. This is the preferred method of procurement.

Request for Proposal (RFP): A solicitation requesting proposals from vendors as to how the stated need by the University would be addressed. Price is not the sole determining factor in an RFP.

Solicitation for Quote (SFQ): A solicitation requesting a price to provide a specific item or service. Typically utilized for purchases between $1,500 and $30,700.

Requisition: A requisition is the first part of the procurement process. It is the document that the end user prepares in the Banner system that describes the needed goods or services.

Seller: The vendor providing the good or service.

Services: Shall mean design, engineering, installation, testing, evaluation, maintenance, repair, management, consulting and any other services necessary to fulfill the seller's obligation under the purchase agreement.

Sole Source: When only one vendor can supply the good or service.

Subcontractor: A contractor working for a "prime" contractor.

Terms & Conditions: Stand alone clauses that define the understanding between a buyer and a seller.

University Purchasing Cards: Credit cards issued by The Office of Contracts and Procurement that allow University personnel to make purchases. The cards are only used as a supplement to the University's purchase order process (when a standard P.O. cannot be used) or in emergency situations.

Vendor: A person or business that follows an independent trade, business, or profession in which goods or services are provided to the public.