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Article III: Membership


1.  Constituency.  The University Senate constituencies are defined as      follows:


a. Each academic department is one constituency. The number of members of that constituency shall be the number of full-time equivalent faculty (excluding adjuncts and overload) full-time equivalent librarians, and full-time equivalent coaches who are appointed to that department, plus the number of full-time equivalent professional staff appointed to that department.  An individual with appointments in more than one department must select one of the departments as his/her constituency for the purposes of Senate membership.


b. The library is one constituency. The number of members of the library constituency shall be the number of full-time equivalent librarians, plus the number of multi-year, full-time professional staff appointed to the library staff.


c. The athletics department is one constituency. The number of members of the athletics department constituency shall be the number of full-time equivalent faculty, professional staff, and coaches appointed to the athletics department.


d. The professional staff is one constituency. The professional staff constituency shall consist of all the number of full-time equivalent members of the professional staff who are not members of an academic department, the athletics department, or the library constituency.


e. The Camden Campus is a constituency. The numbers of members of the Camden Campus constituency shall be the number of full-time equivalent faculty, multi-year professional staff, and librarians who spend more than 50% of their time working on the Camden Campus, who choose to be considered part of the Camden Campus for Senate representation, and who choose not to be counted towards the membership of any other constituency.


2.  Apportionment to constituencies.  The number of Senators from each constituency is determined as follows:


a. The academic department, library, the athletics department, the professional staff, and Camden Campus constituencies shall be apportioned senators as follows:


Fewer than 16 constituency members:                              One (1) senator.


At least 16 but fewer than 31 constituency members:       Two (2) senators.


At least 31 but fewer than 46 constituency members:       Three (3) senators.


And so forth, in increments of fifteen (15).

b. The Senate is elected in the Spring of the previous year for the next academic year based on the constituency members in the department at that time, not on projected or even expected numbers for the Fall. Once the Senate is constituted it remains as is until the next election cycle regardless of numbers increasing or decreasing within a constituency in a given academic year.


3. At-Large Senators.  In addition to Senators apportioned to the constituencies defined in III.2, there will eight (8) Senators elected at-large from among the full-time faculty, librarians, coaches, and professional staff, with four (4) elected in each academic year.          


4. Terms.


a. Senators will serve for two (2) years.


b. The Senate year (term) begins on July 1 and ends June 30, except for the organization meeting of the incoming Senate, which occurs in May.


c. Senators shall be elected with staggered terms, dividing the number elected in each year as evenly as possible into two election cycles.  As senators are added, the elections committee shall, with the advice and consent of the Senate, determine the election cycle in which new senators will serve so to maintain the most even division of senators into staggered terms as possible.


d. Each department shall elect its senator(s) by a secret ballot supervised by the department chairperson by March 15 of the year the term expires.


e. Elections other than those for departments - professional staff, the library, and Camden Campus - shall be supervised by the Vice-President of the Senate in accordance with the bylaws of the University Senate by March 15 of each year.


f. Election of at-large senators shall be supervised by the Senate elections committee under provisions of Bylaws and chaired by the Vice-President of the Senate after all the department, library, professional staff, and Camden Campus constituencies have completed their elections. 


g. Additional procedures for the conduct of the elections committee, not in conflict with any provisions in this constitution, may be adopted by the Senate as bylaws.


h. The new Senate shall meet at least once before the end of the academic year in progress to reorganize for the upcoming academic year, but may not conduct any other official Senate business.


i. For any urgent committee work not completed by June 30, Senator committee members may chose to continue to serve on that committee as non-voting observers between July 1 and August 30 in the year in which their terms ends, should that committee need to meet over the summer.


5. Questions of eligibility.


a. Individuals assigned more than 50% to out-of-unit responsibilities shall not count toward the membership of any constituency, nor shall they be eligible to vote for senate, nor shall he or she be eligible to serve in the senate.


b. Questions or disputes regarding Senate representation, eligibility or elections shall be decided by the Senate body upon recommendation of the Senate elections committee.