Article IV: Officers


1.  Senate officers shall include a president, vice-president, secretary, and parliamentarian.


2.  Except for the parliamentarian, officers shall be elected annually by the Senate from among its members at the organizational meeting, which  must be held by the end of May following completion of elections. This may coincide with the end-of the-academic year Senate meeting. Officers may succeed themselves.


3.  Notice of those candidates nominated for officers will occur after all the Senate representative elections are completed and prior to the election of officers. Call for nominations shall occur once Senate representative elections are concluded and the representatives are announced. The list of those nominated for officers shall be distributed by the elections committee at least two weeks before the meeting at which the elections will occur. Nominations may also be made from the floor.


4. The Senate president shall select the parliamentarian from within the Senate with the advice and consent of the Senate.


5. The Senate president shall preside over Senate meetings and Senate executive committee meetings, schedule regular meetings with the administration, appear before the Board of Trustees(BOT) and shall be responsible for the overall operation of the Senate.


6. The Senate vice president shall preside either in the absence of the Senate president or at the Senate president's request and shall perform other duties requested by the Senate president. The vice president will also chair the Senate elections committee.  In the event that the Senate VP is running for election, the Senate shall select another Senator to chair the elections.


7. The Senate secretary shall be responsible for Senate minutes and records, electronic and web based, and all correspondence.


8. The unit that the Senate president represents may elect another senator for the duration of that president’s term.