The Thomas N. Bantivoglio Honors Concentration
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Concentration Requirements

The Bantivoglio Honors Concentration is not a separate program but is integrated into the course work required by the student’s selected degree program. Honors courses are used to complete various elements in the student’s degree requirement; they are not "extra" courses and will not add to the number of courses a student takes.

Students earn a degree from a specific College/Program/Department and a designation as a Bantivoglio Honors Scholar. The student's diploma lists both. Each Honors course completed is listed on the student's transcript as an Honors course.

Participation in and completion of the Honors Concentration requires that students apply to and be accepted in the program. (See Application Process for further information.)

Students must complete at least eight (8) Honors courses to earn the Honors Concentration designation. At least four (4) courses should be Interdisciplinary as evaluated by the Honors Committee. Students are required to participate in 14 hours of service activities per semester, 14 hours of Honors of recommended activities per semester, and one extracurricular activity of their choice each semester.

Students are expected to make progress toward completing the Honors Concentration within the requirements of their degree programs in order to continue to participate in the Concentration. Questions about the concentration should be directed to the Director or Assistant Dean, and advising meetings are encouraged.

For most students, this progress is indicated by completing at least two (2) Honors courses per academic year until the Concentration is completed. When students are in more restricted degree programs, the Honors Coordinator and the degree program advisors work closely with students to ensure timely completion of both the degree program and the Honors Concentration.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete as many Honors courses as they can and to enroll in any Honors course in their degree program or which fulfills a degree requirement. All students who are accepted into the Concentration must complete at least one (1) Honors course in the first semester in which they enroll.

Students must earn a GPA of 3.45 in their Honors courses to graduate with the Honors Concentration and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.33 in order to graduate with an Honors Concentration. Continuation requires the same GPA, except for freshmen, who must maintain a 3.0. Students with lower averages will be notified of their probationary status; they must attain the necessary GPAs within the time specified in order to remain in Honors.



  1. Honors students must participate in at least three (3) types of extracurricular activities each semester.  The activities must meet the following criteria:
    • At least fourteen (14) hours of service projects of the student’s choice.  Service activities are those in which the student volunteers his/her time, talents, or resources to help another person, cause, or organization.  Service activities may be performed on-campus or off-campus;
    • At least fourteen (14) hours of Honors Recommended extracurricular activities (HRA).  HRA are those which enhance the classroom education received by the students including field trips, speakers, Honors’ activity groups, all Honors’ activities, etc.;
    • At least one (1) extracurricular on-campus activity of the student’s choice.
  2. Honors students must attend at least one (1) educational speaker event and one (1) art/theater/musical event as part of an Honors group each academic year.
  3. Students must assess their participation in a mandatory meeting each semester at a date which will be specified in an announcement each semester.  Students who do not fulfill this requirement may be removed from the Concentration.
  4. Students who have not completed their participation requirements will not be considered for funding for research assistantships, funding to study abroad, funding to attend conferences, or funding to attend service activities.

The Honors Recommended activities will be shared via email, Google calendar, and Honors bulletin boards.

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