University Registrar

Regular Office Hours:

Mon: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Tue: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Wed: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Thu: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

Extended Drop/Add Office Hours (Please see drop/add schedule to determine when these hours are in effect):

Mon: 7:30am - 5:30pm*
Tue: 7:30am - 5:30pm*
Wed: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Thu: 7:30am - 5:30pm*
Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

*We are also open until 6pm the first 5 business days of fall and spring terms

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One of the roles of the Office of the University Registrar is to share detailed information and instructions with Rowan University faculty and staff regarding the many Registrar-related tasks and updates they perform throughout the year within the student's academic record in Banner. Listed below are some of the key links that should be useful. Please contact us if we may be of any assistance.

Please review the links below and contact our Registrar Teams with any questions.

Registrar Team Contact Information:

  • University Registrar, Rebecca Gollihur, 856-256-4367,
  • Associate University Registrar, Steve Kessel, 856-256-4368,, (FIGs, curriculum, Banner, security/access issues)

  • Registration & Customer Service Team Contacts: 856-256-4360;
    • Contact for help with: registration/overrides, grading/change of grades, incompletes/extensions, class list verifications, withdrawals/leaves of absence/hardship data processing, transcript and enrollment verification requests, and any other general questions
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) Team Contacts: 856-256-4390;
    • Contact for help with: transfer credit evaluations/articulations, updates/corrections, AP/CLEP/IB, credit by exam, and any other general transfer credit-related questions
  • Graduation Team Contacts: 856-256-4375;
    • Contact for help with: graduation applications/advisor evaluations, applying for completion of COGS/CAGS/CUGS, Academic Honors and University Honors, and any other general graduation-related questions
  • Information Services Team Contacts: 856-256-5438;
    • Contact for help with: existing automated Registrar reports from Self Service, GPA calculations, repeat policy issues, outstanding grade and class list verification reports, online form submission issues, enrollment reporting, DegreeWorks/GRAD, and any other general information-services/DegreeWorks-related questions.
  • Registrar Services Team Contacts: 856-256-4373; or
    • Contact for help with: scheduling appointments with the Registrar/Associate Registrar, preferred name issues, Degree in 3 registration-related issues, and other general Registrar questions. Contact for any curriculum proposal/processing questions.

Faculty/Staff Helpful Registrar-related Links:

  • Class Verification Information & Instructions (PDF)
    • Winter 2016-2017: Class verifications should already be complete for any Winter 2016-2017 courses. (They were due 12/27/16 and 01/10/17 depending upon the session.) If you have not completed them, please do so ASAP.
    • Spring 2017: Spring 2017 class list verifications are due January 24, 2017 for courses that started on/before 01/17/17. (See below for more details as some class list verifications may be due earlier.) Verification for the 2nd 8-week session are due 03/07/17.
    • Summer 2017: For the Summer 2017 verification dates, please see page 4 of this document: Summer 2017 Registration-related Dates
    • Fall 2017: Fall 2017 class list verifications are due 09/05/17 for the 1st 8-week session, 10/31/17 for the 2nd 8-week session, and 09/13/17 for full-term courses.
    • Instructors are asked to perform class list verifications for each and every one of their classes throughout the term right after the Regular Drop/Add period for each class. (For example in an 8-week course (that would be listed in an 8-week-long Part of Term), the Drop/Add period is the first 5 business days of that Part of Term. Therefore, class verification should be performed on the sixth day of the Part of Term or right after the first class meeting is complete - if that is after the Drop/Add period). However, if – due to no class meetings, a holiday, a weather-related delay – you are unable to verify class lists by the deadline, please simply enter the information as soon as possible – even if it is after a stated deadline. Class verifications affect the proper awarding and disbursement of financial aid as well as the official enrollment reporting for Rowan University so they are very important and must be performed in a timely manner. Do not wait until the end of the class/end of term to perform verifications and please update your class verifications as you receive additional students via adds. If someone stops attending your class, please note the date so it can be recorded at the time you enter final grades as the “last date of attendance” or LDA. Class verifications must be completed before final grades can be entered at the end of the Part of Term. If you ever need to update a class verification and run into any problems, please email for assistance.
  • Classroom scheduling:
    • The Office of University Scheduling, in the Division of Strategic Enrollment Management, oversees all academic and non-academic scheduling for Rowan University and is housed on the second floor of James Hall. Contact the office at
  • Final Grade Entry Information, Instructions, & Forms
    • Winter 2016-2017: Final grades for Winter 2016-2017 courses are due 01/13/17 for the 6-day session and 01/23/17 for the other sessions. If you have not completed them, please do so ASAP.
    • Spring 2017: Final grades for Spring 2017 courses are due 03/06/17 for the 1st 8-week session, 05/01/17 for the 2nd 8-week session, and 05/16/17 for full-term courses. (See below for more details as some grades may be due earlier or later.)
    • Summer 2017: For the Summer 2017 grade due dates, please see page 4 of this document: Summer 2017 Registration-related Dates
    • Fall 2017: Final grades for Fall 2017 courses are due 10/30/17 for the 1st 8-week session, 12/27/17 for the 2nd 8-week session, and 01/02/18 for full-term courses. (See below for more details as some grades may be due earlier or later.)
    • Instructors are asked to submit their final grades for each and every one of their classes throughout the term within five business days after the end of the Part of Term for each class. Unlike verifications, which rely on drop/add dates and course lengths that vary, grades are always due 5 business days after the Part of Term, regardless of course length. (For example, in a 3 week course starting at the beginning of the fall full term, grades are due 5 business days after the end of the Part of Term, which would most likely be September 29 – around the 4th week of the term.) Keep in mind that grades cannot be entered until all class verification are complete. If any student is earning a non-credit-bearing grade, you must also enter a “last date of attendance” or LDA before entering the grade. A student who never attended (and never officially dropped or withdrew) would be entered with the first day of the particular Part of Term as the LDA (the system does not allow earlier) and then an “F” grade. Many students are awaiting grades for job applications, acceptance into graduate programs, state certifications, etc. In addition, official end-of-term grade processing - which includes GPA calculations, the repeated course/grade process, and incompletes - cannot be run until grades have been submitted, and so, the timely awarding of grades is extremely important. If you ever run into any problems, please email for assistance.

    The grade entry link above also includes links to the University Grades Policy and to the Incomplete and Change of Grade Forms.

  • FERPA Information (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act)
    • FERPA Waiver List- Student Disclosure Authorization List
      • How can Rowan University faculty/staff view the official list of those students who have submitted FERPA Waivers, authorizing access to their academic records? Click on the secure link above to see which students have authorized others (parents, guardians, etc.) to have access to their academic records. This waiver gives Rowan U. faulty/staff the right to discuss information related to the student's academic record ONLY with those individuals listed. Verification of identity is required in each case - either by a photo ID for an in-person discussion, or by the individual providing the security code (if included on the Excel list) that was originally included on the FERPA Waiver by the student. If the security code was not provided originally and/or if the individual does not remember it, you are not able to verify identity for email/phone discussions. Students may update the FERPA Waiver security code (or, submit one if one was not originally provided), by emailing the information to As of the '16-'17 year, the FERPA Waiver list is updated every Monday by the Registrar. If you ever have any questions about the FERPA Waiver List, or FERPA in general, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at 856-256-4360 or
  • Forms used by the Office of the University Registrar (registration, overrides, credit by exam, student data changes, Hardship, Withdrawals, FERPA waiver, etc.)
  • Priority Registration:
    • Process: The Vice President of Student Life and the Vice President of Academic Affairs, together, determine which student populations qualify for priority registration, which allows qualified members of that population to register early for their Rowan coursework (usually one day before regular registration opens, when applicable). An Application for Priority Registration (available from the University Registrar), must be submitted at least a full term prior to the term in which priority registration is sought. Approval is granted when at least one of the following 3 standards is met.
      1. The student serves as an official representative of the University and does not receive any form of compensation (excluding scholarships and tuition waivers)for duties performed as a member of a team, office, or organization.
      2. The student has a documented disability requiring priority registration and is registered with Disability Resources/Academic Success Center.
      3. The student is officially enrolled in the Thomas N. Bantivoglio Honors Program.
    • Once an Application for Priority Registration has been approved, a copy of that approval is forwarded to the University Registrar, who will reach out each term to the appropriate coordinators to collect the lists of the individual students who must be set up in the system for priority registration.
    • Priority Registration Section C Form: Lists of approved students are sent to the Registrar via the Priority Registration Section C Form. Upon receipt of that form (which must be at least 2 weeks prior to the priority registration date for the term in question), the Registrar will then make the necessary adjustments to allow those approved students to register early. While the application need only be submitted one time, the Priority Registration Section C Form must be submitted with an updated list of students each term for which priority registration is requested. It is up to the University Official to notify approved students of priority registration dates and information.