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*We are also open until 6pm the first 5 business days of fall and spring terms

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One of the roles of the Office of the University Registrar is to manage the graduation process for our students, including graduation applications, advisor reviews and approvals, degree conferrals, diploma orders, official certificates, and any related academic honors.

Please review the information below and contact our Graduation Team with any questions.

Graduation Team Contact Information:

What is the difference between "Graduation" and "Commencement?"

  • Graduation refers to receiving a degree when a student has been certified by the University as meeting all degree requirements. Upon certification, the degree is awarded and displays on your Rowan University transcript. Degree conferral occurs 4-6 weeks after final semester grades are posted. Diplomas are printed and mailed after the degree certification process is complete.
  • At the Commencement ceremony, family, friends and the Rowan community celebrate each graduate's academic achievements.
  • Participation in the Commencement Ceremony does not guarantee graduation or the receipt of a diploma. Students who have applied to graduate or completed a Commencement Participation (Walking) form may participate in the Commencement ceremony. After applying for graduation or submitting a Department Approval through the Office of the Registrar, each student will receive a confirmation email notifying them to register to participate. Registering to participate notifies University Events of your intention to attend Commencement, so they can reserve your seat at the ceremony and provide tickets for your guests. Please click here for all Commencement information.

Rowan University confers degrees at the end of the Fall (December), Spring (May), and Summer (August) sessions. The commencement ceremony held in May includes these students who completed degree requirements in Summer, Fall, or Spring.




Graduation Application Deadlines
(dates are subject to change)

Term you expect to graduate:
This means you must complete
all degree/program requirements
(including transfer credits, all grades,
GPA minimums, special courses, interships/clinical practice, etc.)
by the end of this term.
Deadline dates for
students to apply
to graduate: Students must apply to graduation review via SSB
Deadline dates for Academic Advisors
to review any submitted graduation applications:
Dates when degrees
will be awarded in
system and posted on transcripts:
Date that will be
posted on the
transcript and
official diploma:

Date official diploma
will be mailed to you:
Fall 2017 term
August 15 -
October 5
October 23 -
November 10
January 2018
December 30, 2017
February 2018
Winter 2017-2018 term
October 16 -
November 28
December 11 -
January 5
February 2018
January 30, 2018
March 2018
Spring 2018 term
January 3 -
February 28
March 12 -
March 30
June 2018
May 30, 2018
August 2018
Summer 2018 term
April 2 -
June 12
June 25 -
July 13
September 2018
August 30, 2018
October 2018

Graduation-related Links:


Applying for Graduation/Degree Conferral

Submission of an Application for Graduation is a requirement for degree conferral. Students should review their GRAD (Graduation Requirements Advising Database) report or transcript through Student Self Service Banner, and meet with their advisor for approval to proceed. Failure to do so may result in inadequate preparation of degree requirements, leading to the rejection of the graduation application. Rejected applicants must reapply for graduation, and resubmit the processing fee when they have fullfilled the requirements.

Students apply online through Self Service Banner, under the Student Menu, by clicking on the "Apply to Graduate" link. If there are any issues while filling out the application, please email our Graduation Administrator at The application only takes a few moments to fill out, and the student will see an acknowledgement after they apply, which should be printed and kept for their records. When filling in the diploma name, keep in mind this is the name that will appear on your official diploma. Only first, middle, last and prefix names are printed on the official diploma.

Beginning Fall 2016, there is now no late fee/late deadline for the non-refundable processing fee of $65. This will be charged one time only per degree and payable to Rowan University. Applications are NOT accepted after the deadline dates.

Email Notification

Upon processing the application for graduation, email confirmation will be issued to each student's Rowan email account. This email includes details regarding payment and instruction on Commencement.

Degree Conferral

Email will also serve to Congratulate students once their degree has been awarded (conferred). This email also states that the degree is now reflected via the Self-Service transcript. **Please note, a diploma will not be mailed until all outstanding balances and holds are released from the students' account. Students should consult their academic departments to ensure immediate resolution to all outstanding issues. **



As a requirement for graduation, students must file an application for graduation during the designated time periods listed in the chart at the top of this page. Students who do not successfully complete academic requirements by the end of the term must reapply when they have fullfilled the requirements.

State Educational Certification applications must be filed with the College of Education. For more information regarding New Jersey Certification and deadlines, visit the College of Education's certification website.


Graduation, Degree Conferral, and Outstanding INCOMPLETE Grades

Policy concerning incomplete grades is frequently misunderstood. No grade of incomplete (IN) may be carried beyond graduation. If a final grade has not been recorded by the deadline date for degree clearance, students may need to re-apply for the next degree clearance cycle. It is the student’s responsibility to check with appropriate faculty to determine his/her status, ensure that a final grade has been submitted prior to graduation, and notify the Office of the Registrar when the INC replacement grade has been posted thus permitting degree conferral. A grade of "IN" CANNOT BE REMOVED WITH A GRADE OF W.

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Commencement Participation (Walking) application

The commencement ceremony is held once a year, in May. To be eligible to attend the commencement ceremony with outstanding degree requirements, an undergraduate student must be within 12 credit hours of graduating. Graduate students (Master’s Level only) who have 6 or fewer credits to complete during the following Summer Semester (Please note that EdD/Doctoral students may not participate in the Commencement Ceremony unless they have defended their dissertation prior). Students should apply through Student Self Service Banner by clicking on the "Online Walker Application link. The "Online Walker Application"availablity dates will be posted soon. (It is usually open between February and mid-March.)

Note: The Online Walker Application will only be available until the final posted deadline to ensure inclusion in the printed program. No applications will be accepted after the final deadline.

Please note, participating in a Commencement ceremony does not mean that you have graduated. Degree conferral (graduation) occurs when all requirements are completed and an Application for Graduation has been submitted to the Office of the Registrar. In addition, please note that your final grade point average is not calculated until you graduate; therefore, if you attend Commencement prior to completing your required coursework and applying for graduation, you cannot walk with honors.

Cap & gown will be available at the Bookstore toward the end of the Spring semester.

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Participating in Commencement

To confirm your attendance at the commencement ceremony, please complete the following steps after submitting an Application for Graduation online or Online Walker Application:

  • Go to Rowan's "Student Self-Service Banner"
  • Access Banner Services and then enter your Banner ID and PIN
  • Select "Student and Financial Aid" and click on "Commencement"
  • Finally, select "Commencement Attendance Confirmation" to let us know if you are attending your Commencement Ceremonies

Students will also receive an e-mail detailing these steps after their Application for Graduation and Degree Conferral or Commencement Participation (Walking) Form has been processed. If you encounter any problems, visit here ( for more information or contact the Office of University Events at (856) 256-5432 or For more Commencement information including attendance, tickets, caps and gowns, rehearsal and line-up information, please visit (

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Concentration Diploma - Minor Diploma

Your name and degree received will appear on your diploma, on your official transcript, and in the commencement program as it is in the university's database. Slight variations of the legal name, (use of a middle if preferred, for example) may be made on these official documents. Customized diplomas are also available. Please contact the Graduation Unit should you require an additional, separate, unstandardized, uniquely personal diploma. Please note that customized diplomas are not considered to be official.

Diplomas are mailed to the permanent address on file, unless otherwise indicated on the graduation application. Diplomas are mailed in bulk approximately eight weeks after all degrees have been awarded. One unofficial complimentary Rowan University transcript will follow separately..

Diplomas will be held if financial obligations to the University have not been met.

Replacement Diploma

Lost your diploma or need an expedited order (8 1/2 x 11 only)? Use this form to have your diploma replaced Replacement Diploma Order Form .

Additional Diploma Order SOM ONLY - School of Osteopathic Medicine ONLY

Additional Diploma Order Cooper ONLY - Cooper Medical School of Rowan University ONLY

Additional Diplomas of various sizes (not available for Graduate School of Biomedical Science/School of Osteopatic Medicine)

Additional Diploma Order Form - for major, minor and concentration diploma orders  

To request additional copies of your diploma, for your own use or for family gifts, or if you need a replacement of your original Diploma, we need your name, student ID number, degree received, date you received/will receive your degree and a complete address of where to mail your diploma. Prices vary according to size, and check or money order is made payable to Rowan University . Please include a phone number. Credit Card information may also be used.

Download the Additional Diploma Order Form

Information on ordering Diploma Frames can be found at the Rowan University Bookstore

Additional Diplomas
          6 ½ x 4 ½ =                             $10.00
          8 ½ x 11 =                               $20.00
..........17 x 14 =                                 $20.00
..........15 x19 =                                  $25.00
..........Minor only 10 x 8 =                    $15.00
..........Concentration only 10 x 8 =         $15.00
..........Specialization only 10 x 8=          $15.00


Certificate of Graduate Studies/Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (COGS/CAGS)
          8½ x 11 = $15.00

Please note:

  • Rowan University only prints a student’s major on their complimentary diploma
  • Commemorative Glassboro State or Glassboro College diplomas are also available
  • All order forms can be found on the Registrar Homepage under “Forms”
  • Standard time for orders is 6 – 8 weeks

Academic Honors, Certificate of Graduate Study (COG), Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAG), Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS)- Professional Certificates may be ordered by those who have earned the Certificate of Study. Requests may be submitted to the Office of the Registrar's Graduation Department. Also, those achieving University Scholar Status may also order professional certificates reflecting their achievement.

Our mailing address is

Stacey-Lynn Mulligan, Graduation Administrator
Graduation Dept.
Office of the University Registrar
Savitz Hall, First Floor
TEL: (856) 256-4375
Fax: (856) 256-4424

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Academic Honors

Rowan University recognizes exceptional academic achievement at graduation. Qualifications for academic honors at Commencement shall be based upon the student's academic average at the end of the winter term of their senior year. The average shall be based upon a minimum of 30 semester hours of course work completed at Rowan University at the time of computation.

Honors are awarded according to the following schedule:
3.450-3.649 Cum Laude
3.650-3.849 Magna Cum Laude
3.850-4.000 Summa Cum Laude

Diplomas and students' transcripts shall indicate academic honors based upon the cumulative grade point average achieved at the end of the senior year. Honors will be recalculated for grade changes that have been approved within 90 days after the end of the student's final semester.

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To Verify a Degree or Enrollment

To verify a degree visit:

The National Student Clearinghouse, a non-profit association founded by the higher education community, streamlines the student record verification process for colleges and universities, current and former students, lending institutions, employers, and other organizations. The Clearinghouse maintains a comprehensive electronic registry of student records that provides a single, highly automated point-of-contact for organizations and individuals requiring timely, accurate verification of student enrollment, degree, and loan data.

The following information is intended for employers, credit card companies, scholarships, insurance companies, third parties and other agencies needing to verify student enrollment or verification of degree(s) earned.

This site is intended to provide agencies with instructions on how to obtain enrollment or degree verification.


Enrollment verification includes the following:

  • Status - full or part time enrollment
  • Dates of attendance
  • Major

Degree verification includes the following:

  • Dates of attendance
  • Degree earned
  • Major

Rowan University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide Enrollment and Degree verification after January 1, 1980. NSC may be contacted at:


Phone: (703) 742-4200

Fax: (703) 742-4239


Mail: National Student Clearinghouse; 2191 Fox Mill Road, Suite 300; Herndon, VA 20171-3019
Verifications are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via the Clearinghouse web site


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