Molecular Biology

Faculty and Research Interests

Susan J Muller-Weeks, PhDSusan Muller-Weeks, PhD

Assistant Professor
Science Center 130
856 566-6097


Rutgers College, NJ
BA (Biology) , 1986

Rutgers University, NJ
PhD (Cell and Molecular Biology) , 1992


Research Interests

Cell cycle control mechanisms and DNA Repair; gene regulation

Recent Publications

  1. Boesze-Battaglia K, Stefano FP, Fitzgerald C., and Muller-Weeks S. (2007) "ROM-1 potentiates photoreceptor specific membrane fusion processes." Exp Eye Res. 84:22-31.
  2. Fischer, J.A., Muller-Weeks, S., Caradonna, S. (2007)" A pitfall of propidium iodide staining in fluorescence-activated cell sorting cell cycle analysis? Author response." Cancer Research 67(11):5577.
  3. Fischer, J.A., Muller-Weeks, S., and Caradonna, S. (2006) "Fluorodeoxyuridine modulates cellular expression of the DNA base- excision repair enzyme, uracil-DNA glycosylase." Cancer Research 66;8829- 8837.
  4. Muller-Weeks, S., Balzer, R., Fitzgerald, R., Caradonna, S. (2005) "Proliferation dependent expression of nuclear uracil-DNA glycosylase is mediated in part by E2F-4." DNA Repair 4,183-190.
  5. Fischer, J.A., Muller-Weeks, S., and Caradonna, S. (2004) "Proteolytic degradation of the nuclear isoform of uracil-DNA glycosylase occurs during the S phase of the cell cycle." DNA Repair 3:505-513.
  6. Elateri, I., Muller-Weeks, S., and Caradonna, S. (2003) "The transcription factor, NF1/CTF plays a positive regulatory role in expression of the hSMUG1 gene." DNA Repair 2,1371-1385.
  7. Mandola, M.V., Stoehlmacher, J., Muller-Weeks, S., Cesarone, G., Yu, M.C., Lenz, H-J. and Ladner, R.D. (2003) "A novel single nucleotide polymorphism within the 5’ tandem repeat polymorphism of the thymidylate synthase gene abolishes USF-1 binding and alters transcriptional activation." Cancer Res. 63,2898-2904.
  8. Elateri, I., Tinkelenberg, B., Hansbury, M., Caradonna, S., Muller- Weeks, S. and Ladner, R. (2003) "hSMUG1 can functionally compensate for Ung1 in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisciae." DNA Repair 1,315-323.
  9. Muller-Weeks, S., Boesze-Battaglia, K., and Fitzgerald, C., (2002) "Deletional analysis of the rod photoreceptor cell peripherin/rds carboxy terminal region." Exp. Eye Res. 75:143-154.
  10. Caradonna, S. and Muller-Weeks, S. (2001)" The nature of enzymes involved in uracil-DNA repair: Isoform characteristics of proteins responsible for nuclear and mitochondrial genomic integrity." Current Protein and Peptide Science 2,335-347.
  11. Muller-Weeks, S., Mastran, B. And Caradonna, S.J. (1998) "The Nuclear Isoform of the Highly Conserved Human Uracil-DNA Glycosylase is an Mr 36,000 Phosphoprotein." J. Biol. Chem. 273:21909-21917.

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