Residential Learning & University Housing
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Forms & Documents

  • Rowan University Policies: Rowan University Student Handbook can be found here. This is an online policy library where all student related policies can be accessed.
  • Information about Leaving Rowan (If you are going to be leaving Rowan for any reason such as, but not limited to taking a leave of absence, withdrawaling for the semester or withdrawaling from the University, etc., please read this document to learn more about proper documentation needed and protocol that must be followed to leave Rowan successfully.)
  • Statement of Student Residence Form: (Freshman and Sophomore students who will be commuting from their legal residence, and who qualify under the Mandatory Housing Policy, need to submit this form to the Office of Resdential Learning & University Housing.)
  • Request for Housing Contract Cancellation Form (After the Academic year has begun, you can no longer submit a request to cancel your housing contract online, and you must complete this form with any additional documentation that is noted on this form, dependent upon the reason for your request to cancel.)
  • Health Care Provider Form (This form may need to be completed if you are requesting to cancel your housing contract due to a medical hardship. This form would need to be completed by a Health Care Provider and submitted to the Office of Residential Learning & University Housing with your other Housing Contract Cancellation Form and documents.)
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