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Room Condition Report Information

  • Before you move in to your housing assignment a Room Condition Report will be completed by your Resident Assistant to assess the state of your assignment before your arrival.
    • A sample residence hall RCR can be found here.
    • A sample apartment RCR can be found here.
  • The RCR documents the number of furnishings given to your area, the condition (specifically noting any damages or issues).  The complete condition of the bathroom, bedroom, and any common areas are noted on the form.
  • When you check-in you will sign the RCR and receive a carbon copy of it. Within 24 hours of moving in to your space please reassess the area on your own based on the sections of the RCR.  If you see anything of concern fill it in on your carbon copy and return it to your RA within the 24 hours.
    • This is important step because it will benefit you come damage billing time after check-out. 
    • The RCR is filled out as close to check-in and with as much accuracy as possible, however, things sometimes change and are missed in between. 
    • By reassessing the room you insure all damages are accounted for and remove responsibility from you.
    • Anything listed on the “out” portion of the RCR at the end of the year that was not on  the “in” portion will be at your expense through mailing of a damage bill. 

Submitting Work Orders

For detailed information on how to submit a work order for items that need to be fixed in your room or residence hall, please click here.

Links & Resources

The following links provide helpful information to all residential students regarding available services in addition to useful resources regarding stores and merchants in the neighboring area.

» Cable TV
  Computer/Network Services
  Dining Services
  Local Shops
  Meal Plan
  Microwave/Refrigerator Rental
  NJ Transit
  Student Insurance
  What to & What Not to Bring

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